Lee Jin Wook Sexual Assault: Victim ‘A’ Releases Details, While K-Pop Star Denies Allegations

Korean sensation Lee Jin Wook has been faced with allegations of sexual assault.

The victim, dubbed as “A,” has released a statement with the details on how the assault happened. According to AllKPop, Lee Jin Wook and “A” were actually dating before the alleged assault happened. A source confirmed that the two were going out before the victim filed the report. The source added that after the event happened, Lee Jin Wook tried to contact the victim, but she was no longer responding.

Victim “A” has claimed that she and the actor were seeing each other in the past. Then, when she visited his home after a night of drinking, she was assaulted by the star.

“A” then reported the sexual assault on July 15 to a One-Stop Service Center, a support center for sexual assault victims. After the report was filed, her case was then transferred to the Suseo Police Station.

The authorities told the media that they are just beginning their investigation on the case, according to AllKPop.

It hasn’t been long since the incident report was transferred over, so an investigation has not yet started. We plan to summon Mr. Lee after interviewing the complainant.

With all of these allegations, Lee Jin Wook used his agency to tell everyone that he is denying all claims of assault, saying that these claims are not true.

The agency said that Lee Jin Wook “never done such a thing. He’s been busy with endorsement shoots and more lately. We’d have to find out more details, but we’re taken aback.”

C&CO ENS, Lee Jin Wook’s agency released another official statement, according to Soompi.

“First of all, Lee Jin Wook would like to sincerely apologize for any trouble caused by this unsavory event.”

They continued, “We can clearly inform you that the sexual assault mentioned in media reports did not happen. We plan on taking legal action for false accusation against the plaintiff. Lee Jin Wook will cooperate with the investigation in order to reveal the truth. We deeply apologize to fans and individuals who have shown unchanging love and support.”

The fans were confused about all these reports. Another source even spoke to the media and said that Lee Jin Wook is dating the plaintiff and that they were meeting “with good intentions.” So, the source said it us very unlikely that the assault actually happened.

I’ve known Lee Jin Wook for a very long time and he’s definitely not the type to ask out someone first or behave in a forceful manner. It’s regrettable that he got caught up in this unfair situation. It almost seems like it’s a trap.

Lee Jin Wook is requested to appear at the Suseo Police Station on July 17 at 7 p.m. for questioning.

“A” Fights Back—What Is The Truth?

With Lee Jin Wook’s camp confident about their stance on the case, victim “A” has responded to these countersuit and claimed that everything they were doing is “an insult.”

According to Soompi, victim “A” sent out a press release to clarify her side of the story.

[‘A’] and Lee Jin Wook met for the first time that day. They’re not dating, and they weren’t meeting with interest, either. The crime was committed the day that they met. This can be confirmed with their phone records.

Victim “A” said she will be willing to undergo a lie detector test since Lee Jin Wook is confident that these are just false accusations.

“If he’s confident, we welcome all the lawsuits he wishes to file. Rather than showing an ounce of remorse, he’s insulting the victim with talk of false accusations,” the statement read.

All we want is a sincere apology from the defendant. Right now the victim and the assailant are being switched. We won’t stand by for a second attack.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]