Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon Tries To Prove Brexit Has No Constitutional Majority—Will Scotland Be Able To Remain in EU After UK Leaves?

The Brexit has shook the European Union and the majority of the people in Britain. However, Nicola Sturgeon is proposing a “strong” plan to maintain Scotland in the European Union. The question is, will it work?

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that Scotland has a “strong position” to prevent the consequences of Brexit from happening. Sturgeon added that it is highly possible to hold Scotland’s place on the union when she met with Prime Minister Theresa May.

According to Independent, May said that the Article 50 will only be triggered if there was a “U.K.-wide approach” that has been agreed on. With this, Sturgeon told BBC that people have been doing their own interpretations on what the Prime Minister said. Even BBC reporter Andrew Marr asked Sturgeon if it meant Scotland can effectively veto the Brexit move.

“That appears to be an interpretation that some people but on the Prime Minister’s remarks. Certainly from what she said after the meeting that puts us in a very strong position,” replied Sturgeon. “It puts me in a strong position, of course it puts a responsibility on my shoulders to think through what the options are.”

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Nicola Sturgeon has also set firm statements regarding the stance on Scotland on EU. She said she will not allow the U.K. to remove Scotland from the union against its wishes. Even the majority of Scotland has voted during last month’s referendum about the choice.

“We are in uncharted territory and when you are in uncharted territory with basically a blank sheet of paper in front of you you have an opportunity to think things that might have previously been unthinkable,” she said.

“Scotland did not vote for any of those consequences. We voted by a significant margin to avoid those consequences and stay in. That gives me a mandate to try to protect our relationship with the EU. If that is not possible within the UK well then I have been very clear that the option of a second independence referendum has to be on the table.”

Independent Scotland?

Because of the threats of the movement in the EU, Nicola Sturgeon is pushing for the consideration of the second referendum on Scottish independence. She said she would start working on this as early as next year. Sturgeon also told BBC that Scotland’s referendum could happen even before the U.K. processes the European Union separation.

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With her collaboration with Theresa May, Sturgeon is looking to see what progress she could make with Scotland. She said that she was welcomed by “a warmth, an openness a great sympathy to the position Scotland finds itself in.”

Though Sturgeon is fighting her way for Scotland to remain in the EU, Scottish Secretary David Mundell is skeptic.

He said that the idea of Scotland staying both in the U.K. while still being a part of the European Union is “fanciful.”

According to Telegraph, Mundell said that there will be “no mood” for this possibility.

“The vote across the UK was that the UK should leave the EU. I think it is very difficult to envisage circumstances in which the EU would sign up to part of the UK remaining in the EU while the rest of the UK left it,” said Mundell. “Ultimately, as we know, the EU is a very political organisation and can come up with all sorts of scenarios but that is very unlikely.”

Though they have differing views on the matter, Mundell welcomes Sturgeon’s approach on the EU conflict.

“She cares passionately about keeping our UK together but she respects the devolution settlement, she respects the Scottish Government and is keen to meet with the First Minister to discuss the general relationship but also clearly to discuss how Scotland and the Scottish Government are going to play a part in the discussion with the EU. Business leaders want to see a team UK approach.”

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