Derrick Rose Gets Emotional During Shoe Promotion, Can’t Believe ‘A Kid From Englewood’ Is Selling Shoes [Video]

Despite the fact that Derrick Rose suffered a season ending injury last year, the Chicago Bulls star is still dumbfounded by his position in life. Rose broke down in tears earlier this week during a promotional event for his new show.

Why? Well, Rose is from Englewood, a rough neighborhood in Chicago that has seen unbelievable violence this Summer. And while most young men in Englewood deal with the daily violence of the neighborhood, Rose is signing multi-million contracts and having shoes named after him.

During the promotional event, Rose broke down and started crying. He held his head between his knees for several minutes while he composed himself.

Rose, who was supposed to be talking about his new shoe, said:

“This is truly a blessing… With all this stuff that’s going on in this city [the violence in his Englewood neighborhood, the teachers’ strike], a kid from Englewood [has] something positive going on. That makes me feel so good. This shoe is great. All this is great. I can’t explain it. … I went through so much and to have true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my family. Because we’re not supposed to be here at all. But God made a way.”

Here’s the video of Derrick Rose promoting his D-Rose shoes.

The Bulls star also talked about his injury and said that he was working hard to get ready for the NBA season.

Rose said:

“Recovery has been good. I’m rehabbing five times a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do lower and upper body and bike workouts. I’m starting to shoot now. I’m starting to jump a little. I’m seeing improvement every week. My leg does get sore sometimes, but I’m able to fight through it. My trainers are making sure I’m doing a great job telling them what’s going on so they can treat me right.”

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