Jessie J Makes Good On Promise To Shave Head On Live TV

British pop star Jessie J has finally made good on that promise to shave her head for charity. Well, she’s set a date at least. She announced that she’ll be trimming down to the scalp on live TV next March.

Jessie J revealed her plans to donate her hair to the cause last year, prompting some to wonder when she’s ever going to get around to it. Turns out, she’d been putting off the shaving because she hadn’t decided which charity to offer her support to at the time. The search is now over as Jessie J has pledged to help raise funds for the UK’s Red Nose Day telethon for Comic Relief, a nonprofit that raises money for poverty-stricken groups the world over. Part of her pledge involves the shearing of her dark hair on live TV next March, reports MSN.

Jessie J isn’t the only celebrity undergoing a dramatic hair transformation for charity. According to the LA Times, Lady Gaga recently debuted a strange do as a nod to frequent collaborator Terry Richardson following his mother’s recent death. Though she didn’t quite shave her head, her head is shaved up the back to resemble Richardson’s hairline.

Singer Kellie Pickler recently cut off all of her hair to support her best friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and Avril Lavigne is also wearing a partially-short hair style for similar reasons.

Jessie J announced the news via Twitter on Thursday, shortly after filming a commercial for the campaign:

What do you think of Jessie J? Would you shave your head for charity?