North Dakota State University Also Evacuated After Earlier University Of Texas Threats

At least two universities, North Dakota State University and, as we reported earlier, the University of Texas, have been evacuated after individual threats were reported at each school.

As our earlier post on the University of Texas evacuation explains, the time frame for which the bomb threat was called in has passed, but officials are in the process of securing the buildings and sweeping for threats after the call was received:

Fox News live updates about the campus bomb threat reveal that the called claimed bombs were placed all around campus and would detonate in 90 minutes. The time-frame for the explosion has passed, but university officials are keeping the campus closed as a precaution while the facility is swept by law enforcement agents.”

North Dakota State University at Fargo was also on the receiving end of a bomb threat this morning, one that sounds very similar to the threat called in at the University of Texas earlier today. According to TIME, students and staff at NDSU were told to get far away from campus after the threat was received:

“NDSU issued a statement shortly before 10 a.m. Friday telling all employees and students to leave campus within a half-hour because of a bomb threat. Students in residence halls have been told to walk to locations off campus. No other details were given.”

As of now, scant details about the bomb threats both at the University of Texas and North Dakota State University at Fargo have been released, and authorities have not disclosed whether the two threats are related.