Amanda Bynes Involved In Another, Yes Another, Hit And Run

This can’t be real, can it? How can someone be such a terrible driver? Amanda Bynes — who recently had her driver’s license suspended, who recently drove on her suspended license, and who recently was spotted smoking pot in her car — was involved in another hit and run.

Yes, another hit and run.

The latest accident, however, was a minor fender bender. TMZ reports that Bynes backed into another car while pulling out from a parking spot. That really wouldn’t be a big deal if it was anyone else, but, since this is Amanda Bynes and since she’s on somewhat of a traffic ticket bender, it’s a little ridiculous.

Gawker reports that the accident caused “little or no damage.” The actress didn’t bother to check for damage, and she didn’t stick around to exchange any insurance information.

Bynes had her license revoked after she was pulled over for a DUI (she denies that she was drinking) and has been involved in two other hit and run incidents this year. The actress was also recently pulled over for driving without her headlights on, and yesterday she was spotted “driving aimlessly” for hours after smoking marijuana in her car.

A source told Radar Online that Bynes has “mental health issues” but refuses to get help.

The source said:

“She’s obviously crying out for help, but isn’t ready to receive it. She seems to be having some serious mental health issues and she’s always out of it. She really doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality.”

Do you think Amanda Bynes is going to hurt someone with her reckless driving?