Dilbert creator commissions survey on who would best run America

Duncan Riley

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon series had a problem, he couldn't find independent advice on which Presidential candidate has the best economic policies for America. As Adams notes "for once I asked not what my country could do for me" and instead commissioned a survey of over 500 economists to give him the answer.

Democrats will be pleased to learn that 59% of the economists surveyed say Obama would be best for the economy long term, with 31% picking McCain, and 8% saying there would be no difference.

Adams though takes the figures further. 48% of economists surveyed were declared Democrats vs 17% republicans, so naturally there is a bias in the results. 88% of Democratic economists think Obama would be best, while 80% of Republican economists pick McCain. Independent economists lean toward Obama by 46% compared to 39% for McCain.

On 13 key issues, the economists favor Obama on 11 of the top 13 issues, but among independents 54% believe that in the long run there would either be no difference between the candidates or McCain would do better.

Adams conclusion: "Many of you will wonder how reliable economists are. In my view, if an economist uses a complicated model to predict just about anything, you can ignore it."

The full details on the Dilbert site here.