Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler’s New Solo Is The New Anthem Of PBR [Video]

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has agreed to become the voice of PBR. The singer’s new solo song “Hold On (Won’t Let Go)” has been named as the official anthem of the Colorado based Professional Bull Riders, Inc., the organization announced on Friday. The organization’s television broadcast on CBS and CBS sports will now open to Tyler’s new song. Also the song is expected to be played during the kick offs of live PBR events.

Tyler wrote the song along with five time Grammy award-winning songwriter Poo Bear, and Jared Gutstad. And according to Billboard, the rock star’s talent agency, WME-IMG, had a crucial role in the creation of the song. WME-IMG had purchased PBR in April 2015, and PRB CEO Sean Gleason had been looking for a PBR anthem “to portray the epic man vs. beast showdown in every PBR ride” when WME agent Amos Newman figured out Tyler would be an ideal choice.


And apparently, Tyler loves the song he has made so much that he decided to include it in his debut solo album. Co-produced by him and nine-time GRAMMY Award winner T Bone Burnett, “Hold On (Wont’ Let Go)” is included in Tyler’s album “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere.” The bull-riding themed song will also be used in PBR’s advertising and marketing campaign, which includes a social media campaign, that also kicked off on Friday.

The CBS intro video, shot in the Mojave Desert outside Las Vegas, features Tyler along with professional PBR riders, Cooper Davis, Ryan Dirteater, Jess Lockwood, and Nevada Newman. All five are dressed in cowboy outfits completed with the customary cowboy hat.

PRB CEO Sean Gleason has expressed his delight in having Steven Tyler do PBR’s theme song.

“After 45 years of recording with Aerosmith, Steven Tyler’s debut solo album includes PBR’s anthem. It’s a stand-out moment for our sport, and we couldn’t be more honored.”

The PBR CEO also seems convinced that the organization’s new anthem captures the spirit of bull-riding perfectly.

“There are two great athletes in every PBR ride – a fearless, determined cowboy and a powerful, rank bull. ‘Hold On (Won’t Let Go)’ is the quintessential PBR anthem in giving equal lyrical weight to these two world-class athletes. Steven Tyler captures the essence of PBR with Hold On (Won’t Let Go) like no other artist or song could.”

The Aerosmith singer also agrees with Gleason, and believes the song portrays the true essence of the sport.

“The toughest 8 seconds in sports is staying on the back and riding that bull. A musician’s whole career is judged in 8 seconds or less. Whether it’s a song on the radio or a performance, there’s no better anthem for the spirit of the game and the big win than “Hold On (Won’t Let Go).”

The former American Idol judge recently showcased his acting chops in a horror movie titled “Happy Birthday”, where he appeared as a hard-partying cowboy named Kasape Suka. His looks in the movie was not very much different form the look he sports in the new PBR video.

Tyler’s highly anticipated debut solo album “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere” was also released on Friday, July 15, by Dot Records. As the Aerosmith legend embarks on his solo career, he has diverted from his rock & roll roots, choosing country music for much of his debut album. He has even gone as far to proclaim that country music is the new rock & roll. Following the release of his debut album, Tyler will begin his 19 city solo tour titled “Steven Tyler…Out on a Limb” tour starting July 20.

Steven Tyler singing

Tyler has been a leading figure in rock music for more than 45 years. He has enjoyed immense success with Aerosmith, first in the 70s, and then again in the 90s. Tyler is regularly included in the lists of greatest frontmen, and the greatest singers of all time. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 with Aerosmith. As the health of his band mate and longtime songwriting partner Joe Perry continues to falter, Steven recently expressed severe concerns in the media, claiming that his calls to check on Joe’s health had not been returned.

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