Sears Wardrobe Malfunction: Company Accidentally Exposes Its Customers To A Nipple

Individuals browsing the Exotic Apparel section of the Sears website were shocked to discover a female nipple in one of the photographs, according to AdRants. Why anyone would be offended by a nipple while gawking at erotic clothing is a bit baffling, but that’s beside the point. People are genuinely offended by the snafu, causing a number of concerned citizens to declare Sears to be a purveyor of online naughtiness.

In an effort to keep tensions from building to a fever pitch, the company removed the offending image and the apparel in question from their website. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the picture from showing up on countless websites, much to the dismay of Sears executives.

“While the product you were looking for is no longer available, take a look at these related items,” the nightie’s page now proudly proclaims.

It’s worth noting that Sears wasn’t selling the offending material directly; the outfits were being sold through the company’s website via a third party.

Business Insider reports that this isn’t the first time Sears has rankled some feathers by posting images that many deem to be highly inappropriate. Although the nipple appeared on an image pimping an “Elegant Moments” outfit designed to appeal to those looking for something a little revealing, it didn’t stop people from bemoaning the fall of humanity.

After the company’s first blunder, Sears spokesperson Tom Aiello coughed up the following explanation:

“The terms on our Marketplace prohibit images from displaying nudity and see-through clothing. Most often, we see third party sellers blocking out the nudity in the images. We perform ad-hoc content audits to remove inappropriate items and also take customer feedback and react very quickly.”

If you were looking to drop $26 on that Morris Babydoll Mesh & Lace nightie you had your eye on, then you’re going to be extremely disappointed. Until the company selling the outfit removes the offending nipple, this particular erotic costume is off the market. To see the naughty photo, pay a NSFW visit to Jezebel.