Inkster Mother Smothers Two-Month-Old Baby To Death After She Mysteriously Dies On Stairs While Holding Child

Authorities in Michigan say that a 30-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was mysteriously found dead in her home, along with her 2-month-old baby, according to WXYZ Detroit.

Documents say when a man – whose name has not been released – was unable to reach his wife via phone, he began to worry, but was unable to check on his family until he got off from work. When he finally arrived to his Inkster home in the 3800 block of Robinson, just southwest of Detroit, he made a heartbreaking discovery.

The Inkster man found his wife and 2-month-old baby dead on the stairs.

Inkster man returns home to find his 30-year-old wife and child dead on the stairs.

The woman was reportedly found sitting on the stairs, slumped over her 2-month-old baby who was lying on her lap.

Emergency responders were immediately called to the scene, but unfortunately the mother and the 2-month-old baby could not be revived. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Lt. Jeffrey Twardzik, who is with the Inkster Police Department, told reporters that when they arrived at the home, the man was “visibly shaking” after finding the lifeless bodies of his wife and child in his home.

“Anytime you see something like this, it’s always hard to cope with it,” said Twardzik. “But you want to be able to come here and do your job.” However, “there was a human factor involved as well.”

Recent reports have stated that the child found smothered to death by the Inkster mother was believed to be a boy, but the Wayne County Medical Examiner confirmed the child was indeed a little girl, according to CT Post.

It is believed the mother was walking up the stairs with her baby girl in her arms and began to feel ill; therefore, she allegedly sat on the stairs, but shortly after, the Inkster mother mysteriously dies with her baby still in her arms.

Afterwards, police officials believe her body slumped forward, onto the 2-month-old baby girl, and that’s when she suffocated the baby to death.

Sources say that the cause of the Inkster mother’s death, whose body was reportedly the cause of her daughter’s suffocation death, was the possible result of new medication. The woman’s husband told police officials that she had been battling a medical issue since May of this year, and was recently prescribed a new medication.

However, Inkster police did not specify which drug the Inkster woman was taking before she and baby were found dead in her home.

A similar incident occurred last year in Pennsylvania, where a 9-month-old baby boy was found dead in his apartment home after his 22-year-old mother, Sara Kessler, died of a possible drug overdose.

According to a previous report on the Inquisitr, the baby boy, who was identified as Casey Kessler, starved to death after his mother, who was discovered by her brother Matthew Knaus, died.

It was also reported that neighbors heard the cries of the 9-month-old baby boy, but did nothing to help. One of Kessler’s neighbors, William Gonzalez, told reporters that “if I was closer to the noise, I would have done something. I didn’t know. I feel so guilty.

“I feel so bad. The thought of that little kid running around after she died, looking for food. That’s what I’m upset about. It’s such a helpless feeling.”

It was not immediately clear if any of the Inkster mother’s neighbors heard anything unusual that led up to the deaths as no witnesses have come forward at this time.

Inkster police officials do not suspect foul play in the deaths of the mother and her 2-month baby girl, who were both found dead in their home while sitting on the stairs.

Autopsies on the Inkster mother and her baby girl have been completed; however, Wayne County police officials are waiting for the results.

The investigation is ongoing.

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]