Britney Spears’ Single ‘Make Me’ Sparks Slow Pop Movement

Britney Spears’s single, “Make Me,” sparks the slow pop movement throughout the music industry. The song features rapper G-Eazy. “Make Me” is definitely in the running for the new Song of the Summer.

The single is off of Britney’s upcoming ninth studio album. “Make Me” features a different side of Britney than the up-beat pop tempo we are used to hearing from her.

Britney’s new track, plus Katy Perry’s newly released Olympic anthem, confirm that the days of frantic BPM are fizzling out and a more mellow tempo is taking over the music world.

In the past few years, pop stars have felt contractually obligated to release singles that could compete with the electronic, beat-bumping jams of David Guetta or Calvin Harris. With this upbeat type of music taking over the industry, pop music seemed to have only one tempo: supercharged.

Other pop stars have seemed to be loving this slowed-down trend, as well, producing some songs with a “chiller” beat and a more relaxed tempo.

Selena Gomez – whose last album was heavily influenced by dance music and beat drops – has slowed things down with her latest hit, “Good For You.” The track instantly became a U.S. top five hit, and the lead single from her album, Revival.

Rihanna has had many singles released that were heavily influenced by EDM music. The singer has worked with some of the most prominent DJ’s in the world. On her latest album, Anti, the track “Work” was followed by the mid-paced “Needed Me,” which is currently a top 10 hit in the U.S.

Ariana Grande launched her recent album with the sensual, steady BPM of “Dangerous Woman.” She released a video of herself singing the song with no music that pretty much went viral with almost 50 million views.

Britney Spears’ “Make Me” is right on par with these other hit songs of the summer.

Spears described her new sound in the latest issue of V magazine.

“A little melodic, a little more not so poppy. It’s kind of chill. Very chill.”

Britney Spears’ single is definitely a different sound for the artist. Britney has not released an album since 2013. The single will be featured on her upcoming album.

The single features up and coming rapper G-Eazy for a guest verse—which complements Spears’ sound with a smooth, rhythmic sound—and has moved quickly to the top of the iTunes chart.

“Make Me” has even recently dethroned Spears’ ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake’s latest single from the top spot in the charts, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” according to E! News.

Britney Spears’ “Make Me” does not necessarily feature the singer at her energetic, fast-paced self, but it does represent a return to form in its relaxed rhythm and in the singer’s sultry vocal command.

Britney Spears’ “Make Me” just may be the slowest and most restrained song she has released. Her last big single, “Work Bitch” was the complete opposite — an upbeat, rhythmic hit that was heavily influenced by the the works of house music producer and DJ, Sebastian Ingrosso.

“Make Me” raced to the top of the charts and landed the number one spot within hours of Spears’ unannounced release.

Britney Spears has yet to release any information about the release date of her new album. It will most likely be before the end of this year.

“Make Me” may not be the only song on the album that encompasses the slow pop movement.

This slow pop movement is not to say these songs are slow, drawn out ballads. The mid-paced songs have dominated across the radio in the United States. A trend towards a more subtle pop sound was making its way into the tops of the charts.

Click here to listen to Britney Spear’s “Make Me” ft. G-Eazy.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]