Tracy McGrady Works Out For Spurs, Knicks

Tracy McGrady worked out for the Spurs this week and will try out with the Knicks next week. No doubt the teams are weighing the pros and cons of signing the former standout.

Pro: McGrady is a seven-time NBA All-Star, and twice he’s led the league in scoring.

Con: McGrady is 33-years old with knees that seem even older.

Pro: McGrady is a savvy veteran player with a proven track record.

Con: His best days in Orlando long behind him; McGrady averaged a career-low 5.2 points per game last season with the Atlanta Hawks, playing just 16 minutes per game.

The New York Times reports the Knicks interest is part of a plan to surround star player Carmelo Anthony with veteran talents. Already on the roster are Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas, and Marcus Camby, all of whom are closer to 40 than to 35.

If the Knicks do sign McGrady, it will be his second go-round with the club after playing 24 games for them in 2010. He averaged nearly 10 points per game over than span and hasn’t done that well since. Nonetheless, the Knicks do have one spot remaining on their 20-man training camp roster, and McGrady could get the call.

CBS Sports reports that McGrady’s last tenure with a Texas team was from 2004-2010 in Houston and that, while there, he was known for having a bit of an ego problem. Time seems to have humbled McGrady though, and he could be a fit for the Spurs.

Manu Ginobili plays mostly as a shooting guard for the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard is still learning. Tracy McGrady’s passing ability could be an asset to San Antonio if he has matured.

Tracy McGrady has played for six teams during his 15-year NBA career. His best year statistically was 10 years ago in 2002 when McGrady averaged 32.1 points per game for the Orlando Magic.