New Halo 4 ViDoc Introduces Us To The Prometheans

Earlier on in the week, 343 Industries released an all-new Halo 4 ViDoc dubbed “Return of the Forerunners,” which gets us familiar with the baddies Master Chief and friends will be doing battle with, namely, the Prometheans.

At this point, everyone who’s been keeping up with the Halo franchise is clear on what the Covenant units do, how they react, and how they interact with each other. With Halo 4, 343 Industries is introducing a new variable to the combat: the Prometheans.

The new Halo 4 ViDoc runs through how the new enemies came about, what their influences were, the design of their weapons, and a bit about their behavior. As you may have noticed from previous footage, Prometheans act quite a bit differently than the Covenant; they’ll work together like their alien brethren, but their tactics and abilities make for a much different combat experience.

Not a whole lot is known about the Prometheans, who are part of the ancient Forerunner race, and 343 Industries is keeping most of that information close to the chest until the game is released. What we do know about them is that, apparently, they don’t like outsiders crashing on their planet. Oh, and they’re pretty vicious.

“There’s a degree of animalistic fierceness that maybe you didn’t see in previous games,” 343’s Kenneth Scott says in the ViDoc. “Anyone who plays Halo goes, ‘Forerunners are the silver angular stuff with blue lights across it.’ That’s really the language kind of in a nutshell. For us, it was important to break that, but still find kind of a mathematical organization.”

You can check out the latest Halo 4 ViDoc below.