Lady Gaga Fans Livid After Singer Is Snubbed By Emmy Awards

Lady Gaga has accomplished so much in eight years since she arrived on the entertainment scene. However, like other big stars, she once in a while suffers a setback, and the Emmy Nomination awards yesterday proved that.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story, but she was snubbed when it came to Emmy nominations. However, many of the comments after the article didn’t believe that Gaga’s omission wasn’t exactly a snub, and she never deserved any type of award or nomination for her performance as The Countess in the show.

Lady Gaga Acting

“Just because you’re a big star, doesn’t mean you automatically deserve a nomination (looking at you, Hollywood Foreign Press),” said @GreenSnow.

“Also, Gaga was NOT snubbed! They rightfully left her off the ballot because she is not a good actress. Go back to planet Mars!” claimed @PurpleSubmarine.

When Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in January, Michael Starr of the New York Post concluded that the Golden Globes had become a joke.

“And while I didn’t officially pick a winner for the Best TV Movie/Anthology category, the fact that wooden, vamping amateur Lady Gaga won for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ speaks volumes about the artistic hollowness of these awards. They’re a joke.”

Lady Gaga’s role in American Horror Story actually didn’t receive universally disastrous reviews like her detractors want you to believe, and a couple of sources gave her raves. Time said that her performance was her greatest reinvention to date, and Variety gave her a little praise as well. However, the consensus on Twitter seems to be that Lady Gaga needs work on her acting skills.

If not being nominated for Best Actress didn’t hurt Gaga, then the fact that the anti-rape song “Till It Happens To You” was nominated with her name left off the nomination must really sting. Billboard explains that Gaga barely had anything to do with the songwriting process, confirming what Linda Perry had claimed in January. Back then, Variety reported the news.

“According to the songwriter and producer, Lady Gaga did not contribute enough to the ‘The Hunting Ground’s’ ‘Til it Happens to You’ to merit a nod for best original song. Instead, she said, it was Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who has a co-writing credit along with Lady Gaga, who penned most of the song.”

Lady Gaga Rape Lady Gaga’s work with R. Kelly was seen by many as promoting rape. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“Till It Happens To You” was heavily favored to win the Oscar for Best Song, but lost to Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall.” Many thought Lady Gaga’s involvement with the song hurt it’s chances, especially since Gaga had recently released a song called “Do What You Want To My Body” with R. Kelly, a man who has widely been accused of sexually assaulting teenagers.

The video for Gaga and R. Kelly’s duet was directed by Terry Richardson, another man widely accused of sexual assault. In the video, which never received a full release, Fuse TV reports that Kelly tells Lady Gaga he’s going to put her under and when she wakes up, she’s going to be pregnant. You can see part of the controversial video below.

Still, Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” believe she deserved Emmy nominations and have taken to Twitter to denounce the voters in a way many would consider unproductive, especially since Lady Gaga preaches “kindness.”

Do you think Lady Gaga was unfairly snubbed? Do you agree with those who say Gaga didn’t deserve to be nominated in the first place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]