Embarrassing Spelling Mistake Overshadows School Districts Fundraising Attempt

The Red Lion Area School District in Pennsylvania was hoping for a banner that would increase sponsorship efforts. Instead the school receives a banner that proclaimed its plans to partner sponsors with “pubic education.”

Unless the school district was going after the strip club business segment, the banner was a big oversight that should have been caught before it was placed on display.

The banner was spotted and posted to Twitter by Ryan Petzar.

The mistake led Don Dimoff, the marketing and communications manager for the Red Lion School District, to ensure everyone that the district was not endorsing “pubic education.” Because that was necessary to point out for some reason.

Dimoff told Prep Rally:

“To be honest with you, all that really happened was the sign company made a spelling error, and in the midst of putting it up for a football game some of the other people missed it. As soon as we found out about it the damage had already been done. It was an honest mistake. It doesn’t reflect on the quality of our sponsors or our programs. It was just an honest mistake by a sign company.”

“It’s been a rough few days. Unfortunately, these are the few things that get you on the map, we’re doing a lot of good things with our sponsorship program and now all anyone will remember is this. We’re creating partnerships not just with athletics, but also with the school district. There’s a lot of colleges where the college is the town and the town is the college. We’re trying to do that for our schools here in a similar way.”

Apparently the school has been taking a bunch of slack for the mistakes, which could have happened to anyone. Dimoff even admitted that his job has been harder recently, and the sign company feels “awful” about the mistake.

Dimoff told Prep Rally that he hasn’t slept in two days because of the mistake. I honestly do feel for Dimoff’s situation on a personal level; every now and again we receive extremely angry emails from our readers because we used “to” instead of “too.”

It could have been worse: The sign could have been created by an English teacher in the school district.

In the meantime, I am adamantly for providing money for pubic education. Where do I send the check?