Tennessee V-Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Near Memphis Airport, Latest In String Of Sightings In State [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

According to an eye-witness in Tennessee, they recently spotted not just one but two V-shaped UFOs hovering or "hanging" in the air above an interstate. The account comes from a Tennessee resident who was reportedly on their way to Memphis Airport, driving down I-55 in the early morning hours of June 22, reports Open Minds. The witness says that they saw the two V-shaped UFOs in Tennessee, just outside of Memphis, at about 3:30 a.m. local time.

The Tennessee UFO sighting reportedly took place near the Delta Refinery.

"As we got closer, I slowed and rolled my window down and stuck my head out to get a better view. It was not moving nor making any sound. I could not believe what I was seeing."

According to the witness, the inexplicable V-shaped Tennessee UFO was twice the size of a passenger jet and appeared to be capable of hovering soundlessly in the air.

"Seemed to be over twice the size of a 737 and just hanging there in the sky. Shaped like a V made of two rectangles, cut at the ends to make a point."

"To the best of my memory, I would guess the object was 1,000 to 1,500 feet up, gray in color with white lights along the lower outer edges except for one red light at the back. I would guess that legs of the V to be 30-feet to 50-feet square and 200-feet to 300-feet long with the span at the back of the V about 150-feet. There were two protrusions that I could make out clearly on the bottom of the closest leg. One was a cylindrical-shaped and the other was like an inverted fender well or a spare tire carrier. I am still befuddled about what it was. I swore to myself I will never travel again without a camera ready. To this day, I want to go back and look, camera ready."

The person who spotted the V-shaped Tennessee UFO says that they were unable to snap a photo or record video of the unidentifiable craft because their camera was in their luggage and they didn't feel safe pulling over on the interstate to find it. Despite the inability of this witness to capture photographic evidence of their Tennessee UFO encounter, they are far from the first person in Tennessee to have a run-in with a UFO in recent months. In fact, there has been a rash of Tennessee UFO sightings in 2016.

The UFO in the video below was recorded after a local resident heard seemingly origin-less booms and other sounds coming from the sky over the span of several days. When he finally caught the giant, machine-like UFO on video, it blew his mind, as well as the minds of experienced UFO investigators.

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