Kelly Rutherford Cries On ‘The View’ Over Custody Battle

Kelly Rutherford cried on The View on Thursday while talking about her tense custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch, who lives in France and was recently given custody of the couple’s two children last month.

Yahoo! News notes that, while wiping away tears, Rutherford stated that:

“It’s just been crazy. My little girl said ‘I want to come home mama, I want to come back to New York.’ My son, who’s kind of been brainwashed, says where he is is so much better.”

Rutherford was able to joke with the audience at one point after co-host Whoopi Goldberg ran on set to hand the actress tissues. The actress joked, “Great service around here.”

Dan Abrams, an ABC News legal consultant, also appeared with Rutherford on the show, calling judge Theresa Beaudet’s custody decision shocking. Rutherford is also consulting with lawyer Alan Dershowitz on how to get her children, American citizens, back into the country.

Judge Beaudet ruled that the children would have to stay in France with their father until he is able to get a new US visa. His last visa was revoked. Kelly Rutherford has said that she flies to France to visit her children, 3 and 5, whenever she can, but that she has to continue working in order to afford her legal bills for the custody battle.

Kelly Rutherford Cries On The View When Discussing Custody Battle

CBS News notes that, when she was asked if her ex-husband is a good parent, the Gossip Girl actress responded:

“I don’t think he would intentionally harm the children or I couldn’t live with myself right now, but I do think that they are at risk. I was the primary parent, and now I’m the visitor, and there are a lot of things being said every day that we all hear, and they aren’t things that kids need to hear.”

The actress is worried mostly about the safety of her children, and being able to keep track of Giersch. Rutherford stated:

“My fear is that he could disappear tomorrow and I don’t know where to look,” Rutherford said. There’s no way to trace him. There’s no bank account numbers, there’s no taxes, there’s nothing.”

Along with talking on The View, Kelly Rutherford has also taken to Twitter to talk about her custody battle with Giersch.