Rihanna On Why She Doesn't Wear A Bra, And Why 'Heaven Is Celebrating Today'

Rihanna has recently admitted that her "t*tties" are small, according to The Frisky. The "Work" singer caught a white lacy bra thrown on stage by one of her fans during her recent concert, and Rih wasn't happy about it. She wasn't happy about the bra's size to be more specific.

Holding the white lacy bra in her hands, Rihanna complained in a playful manner that her "t*tties" are "way too small" for that bra. And when she spotted the fan who had thrown that bra on stage, the "Needed Me" singer made fun of the girl, asking her what she is going to do with this.

Then Rihanna threw the bra back into the crowd. And why wouldn't she? Rih doesn't even wear bras. The "Work" singer is one of those women who don't need bras. And when the Barbadian singer wears bras, she opts for bralette types that resemble tops.

In her interview with Vogue, Rihanna revealed that she never wears bras under her tops.

"If I'm wearing a top, I don't wear a bra. If I'm wearing a bra, I just wear a bra."
On Monday, Rihanna went completely braless during her dinner date with a friend. The "Needed Me" singer opted for a plunging lace jacket, which she complemented with ripped jeans and a tomboy.

Rihanna and Drake have recently paid tribute to their superfan who died last week after battling cancer, according to Billboard. The 28-year-old singer and Drake met Megan Flores, 14, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation back in March.

The girl, who was battling progressive metastasized sarcoma, got the unique opportunity to meet her two favorite musicians, Rihanna and Drake. In fact, the latter was so touched by Flores' story he even dedicated his recent hit album Views to her.

Drake, who collaborated with Rihanna on their hit song "Work," paid tribute to Flores on Sunday, a day after the girl died. In the caption to his Instagram picture, the rapper wrote that "heaven is celebrating today."

"Rest in peace my angel. I know heaven is celebrating today."
Rihanna paid tribute to Flores as well, posting a photo of herself, Drake and the girl when the three were photographed together earlier this year. In the caption, Rih wrote that it was a "pleasure" meeting Flores, calling her "an angel on earth."
"There was always a smile waiting for me there! You brightened any day! Rest up baby girl! We will miss you!"
DJ-producer Calvin Harris revealed what it was like collaborating with Rihanna on their recent track "This Is What You Came For," according to the Indian Express. The 32-year-old Scottish DJ said it was "insane" working with Rihanna.And one of the reasons the process of working with Rihanna turned out to be so "insane" was that Calvin Harris was incredibly nervous about the entire process. In his interview with Female First, Harris praised Rih with such words as "legend" and "icon."
"She's a legend. Like, there's not many artists that you do a song with them, then you play it back in the studio and it already sounds like it does on the radio."
Harris also revealed what it was like getting Rihanna's approval of the song. Since the Barbadian singer "doesn't get emails," the DJ-producer had to drive down to her house and play the song to her in real life.
"So I went round and was watching what the reaction was, and after a couple of plays she was in!"
But the very first time he played "This Is What You Came For" to Rihanna was in her trailer backstage at Coachella, the DJ revealed.

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