Topless Kate Middleton? French Tabloid Claims To Have Photos Of Duchess Topless

As if the Prince Harry naked pictures scandal wasn’t enough, a French tabloid claims to have pictures of a topless Kate Middleton and has vowed to publish the pictures in their magazine on Friday.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the future Queen of England will surely face embarrassment after the revealing pictures of her on a private sunshine holiday with Prince William are published, reports The Mirror.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge apparently thought that they wouldn’t be photographed at the Chateau D’Autet in Provence, France earlier this summer, but the French tabloid was reportedly able to obtain images of the couple relaxing by the swimming pool, complete with snaps of Kate topless.

The potential Kate Middleton picture controversy comes just weeks after the controversy of a nude Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas. Laurence Pieau, an editor for Closer France, stated that:

“We have to say that after Closer magazine comes out, Harry is going to feel a lot less alone.”

The Sun notes that the Palace has refused to comment on the pictures because they have yet to confirm they really are of Kate Middleton. Along with the couple sunning themselves by the pool, they supposedly show William and Kate rubbing suntan lotion on each other. The magazine’s blurb read, “Kate was perfecting her tan. And to avoid streaky tan marks, she took off her bathing suit.”

The magazine has already posted pixelated versions of the photographs, but they have said they will print the unpixelated photos on Friday and may even post them on their website.

Unlike the Prince Harry scandal, the Kate Middleton topless photos, if they really are of the Duchess, are not the result of crazy partying but rather a sneaky photographer breaching the couple’s privacy.