Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Polls: New Poll Shows Clinton’s Lead Has Evaporated — Does Trump Really Have A Chance?

Presumptive Republican nominee for United States president Donald Trump is now tied with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head contest, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll that was released today by the New York Times. The poll, which was conducted from July 8-12 and included 1,358 registered voters, had a measure of accuracy of three percentage points. The participants were polled on either their cellphone or landline phone.

“The broad discontent is reflected in the head-to-head contest, which has Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton tied at 40 percent. Mr. Trump’s standing has held steady for weeks at around 40 percentage points, while Mrs. Clinton has polled in the mid-40s in most public surveys.”

While different polls have shown different results over the past few months, the bottom line is that Clinton has held a lead over Trump in the majority of them. Last month’s shooting at Pulse, a popular LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, provided Trump a temporary boost in certain polls. After Trump doubled down on his stance to build the wall and prevent any new Muslims from entering the United States, Clinton regained her double-digit lead in numerous polls.

Trump has harmed himself in the eyes of prospective voters with his own comments, but Clinton’s recent email scandal may have done the most damage to her reputation. While the FBI cleared Clinton of any criminal activity, many feel as though her actions were still irresponsible and careless. Clinton will not be brought up on charges, but she may have lost the trust of former supporters and voters that were previously undecided.

In addition to the email scandal, many feel as though Clinton is not an honest candidate. While most politicians do their fair share of pandering, Clinton has changed her views drastically on important issues. Trump recently gave her the nickname “Crooked Hillary,” and it has actually stuck and can be seen in numerous publications.

While Clinton’s credibility has seen better days, Trump is not exactly viewed as a candidate with integrity. In addition to being a former Democrat, Trump has also changed his stance on some very important issues. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a recent poll from Reuters/Ipsos shows that over 20 percent of potential voters will not vote for Trump or Clinton. A staggering 47 percent of Trump supporters and 46 percent of Clinton supporters are only backing their candidate in order to prevent the other candidate from winning — not exactly a ringing endorsement for either of them.

In addition to the New York Times/CBS News poll showing that Clinton and Trump are tied at 40 percent, it also shows that both Democrats and Republicans are unhappy with their candidates.

“More than a third of Republicans say they are disappointed or upset that Donald J. Trump, who crashed the party’s nominating process, will represent them in the fall campaign; an equal number say he does not represent the values the party should stand for. Democrats are only marginally happier with Hillary Clinton as their party’s candidate. A quarter of Democratic voters say they are disappointed in her as the nominee; an additional seven percent say they are upset. More promisingly for her, three-quarters say Mrs. Clinton stands for the core values and principles of the Democratic Party.”

While both Democrats and Republicans are upset with their candidates, Democrats still feel as though Clinton represents the values of their party. In addition to being a former Democrat, many Republicans believe that Trump’s extreme views on illegal immigration are not core values of the Republican Party.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party have no chance to win the election, but they could have a strong influence. The New York Times/CBS News poll found that Johnson would receive 12 percent of the votes in a three-way contest. The Reuters/Ipsos poll found that Johnson and Stein would receive a combined 9 percent of the votes in a four-way contest. If more of Clinton’s supporters decide to support one of the third-party candidates, things could get interesting for Trump.

With November’s election now only four months away, a lot could change in upcoming polls between presumptive Republican nominee for United States president Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

[Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images]