Michael Vick an Eagle?

Michael Vick has sigend with the Eagles

On the surface this doesn't seem to make alot of sense for the Eagles. Signing Vick as a backup QB, to starter Donovan McNabb seems just to be adding a potential problem to a locker room that has had enough of them over the past few years. Remember this is the locker room that could not contain or deal with one star receiver in Terrell Owens. If the Eagles simply signed Vick to be their back up QB, this moves seems destined to fail.

However we must remember that the Eagles are a team in search of some offensive spark. They have the foundation of an outstanding team already on their roster, but they are looking for that one move that puts them over the top. Signing Vick may indeed be the that move.

While the Eagles scored a respectable 318 points in 2008, when we break that number down we find that 205 of those points game in just five games, with just antoher 111points in the other 11 games. By adding Vick the Eagles are looking to provide that their offense with a little spark when it starts to fade. While Vick will notbe bale to do this from the QB spot maybe the Eagles are banking that he can from the Wide Receiver position.

It seems the Eagles may use Vick in the Kordell "Slash" Stewart role from way back in his Pittsburgh Steelers days. Since they draft a deep threat in Wide out Jeremy Maclin, Vick could be a nice receiver to pair with him. On top of that Vick could come in to run a Wild Cat scheme for the Eagles. Either way having Vick could be the spark the Eagles offense will eventually need.