Final Aurora Shooting Victim Discharged From Hospital

Aurora, CO – The final patient remaining in the hospital after the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting has left the hospital, marking a historic point on the road to recovery for the Denver suburb where 58 people were wounded in a July attack that killed 12 others.

Caleb Medley was discharged from the University of Colorado Hospital on Wednesday in order to move to a long-term care facility, reports The Sacramento Bee.

The hospital did not give any further information about Medley’s condition due to privacy laws. Medley, 23, is an aspiring comedian who suffered a head wound during the attack by alleged shooter James Holmes. He has undergone several surgeries since the July 20 shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

The Canon City Daily Record notes that Medley’s wife, Katie, escaped from the massacre with no injuries and gave birth to the couple’s first child, Hugo Jackson, five days later while her husband was in a coma at the same hospital.

Caleb Medley lost an eye in the attack and also suffered brain damage. He has been through multiple surgeries and had been placed in a medically induced coma while he recovered.

The Medleys, who had no health insurance at the time of the massacre, were supported by locally and nationally known comedians, who started a website together and hosted benefit shows to cover their medical expenses. The latest update on the website shows that almost $400,000 has been collected to help Caleb and his family. Katie Medley posted an update on Facebook on Friday, saying that her husband has been stable and is slowly coming around. Katie wrote:

“He has been following commands much better, and he has been able to open his left eye. Still have a long ways to go, keep the Medley family in your prayers!”

While Caleb Medley will still have a long road to recovery, his release from the hospital marks an end to one chapter in the tragic Aurora, Colorado massacre.