‘Big Brother 18’ News: Frank Eudy Has A Girlfriend At Home, But Flirting With Bridgette Doesn’t Stop

Frank Eudy is back on Big Brother 18 again, and he has a girlfriend that he left behind at home. The thing is, this isn’t stopping him from flirting with Bridgette and even cuddling up with her in bed. The crazy thing is Bridgette has mentioned having a boyfriend too. Everyone is hopeful that Frank’s girlfriend will share her thoughts on this one soon. Romper shared some of the details of who is Frank Eudy’s girlfriend and a bit about her. She has been posting about Frank on her Instagram page, but since the show started, she isn’t sharing her thoughts on his game play just yet.

Had a wonderful weekend celebrating the Pendarvis wedding and baby's birthday! Thanks for always being my wedding date ????????

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Frank is dating Ashten Owens, and they have been together for at least four months, but nobody seems to know the exact amount of time. This is pretty early in a relationship for someone to be leaving and going on a reality show where they can’t even talk at all. She went to the University of South Carolina-Columbia for “retailing.” It is obvious that Frank’s girlfriend works in fashion.

Frank Eudy has mentioned her in the house. He said that she knows that if she gains 15 lbs. they are done. This is taking it a bit far, but Frank didn’t seem to understand the problem with it. You have to wonder what Ashley thinks about this rule. Maybe he was just kidding, but it really didn’t seem that way at all.

Normally, when people are on Big Brother they end up talking to their family and getting an interview with them about some of their thoughts. If Frank sticks around a while, it is very possible that Ashley will get to share her thoughts on Frank and the way he is acting inside the house. This is what everyone is really hopeful to see.

Mic.com also shared a few details about things that Frank Eudy has done in the house that fans are upset about. It was reported that Frank walked by Zakiyah, slapped her tummy and said she was getting chubby. It was also reported that “Frank ‘joking’ with Nat, telling her she as bologna nipples… She says he’s disgusting, he replies ‘your nipples are disgusting.’ ” This is not something that is going to win the girls over and could end up getting Frank Eudy sent home early.

Everyone saw Da’Vonne get upset with Frank when he smacked her on the butt. She went into the diary room and was really upset. She said, “I don’t want my daughter to see that and think it’s okay for guys to hit girls on their butts and guys to call girls sluts.” She was able to act like nothing was wrong at all toward Frank, but he put a target on his own back, and now Da’Vonne is after him and wants to get him sent home.

Frank Eudy is speaking out and wants everyone to know that he is just a “kid at heart.” Frank doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with the way that he is acting on the show. It is really surprising that he is doing and saying these things, though. Frank has a girlfriend at home and he needs to think about what she is thinking when she watches this show.

The fact that Bridgette is HOH and has the room to herself has given the two some alone time. Bridgette was even laying with her head on his shoulder, cuddled up to him in bed. Nothing inappropriate happened, but it was enough that it might upset his girlfriend, even though it is a game move for him.

Are you shocked to hear that Frank Eudy has a girlfriend at home? Do you think that she is okay with the way that he is acting in the house? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 18 on CBS.

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