Website Hires Unemployed Professors To Write Your Term Papers

Got a research paper due next Monday on the other side of a weekend of heavy social drinking? Fear not college students – you won’t need to compromise your social life or waste your late Sunday evening throwing it together, so long as you’ve got some cash. A new website provides a unique new “service” by hiring unemployed college professors who can write that paper for you.

A website based in Canada claims that it will “make your papers go away” so that you can get down to the business of a normal college student. The website is, and it works like an online auction site a la eBay, except the shoppers are unemployed college professors and the “goods are student assignments,” notes Newser.

Though the site doesn’t guarantee an “A paper,” it guarantees that you will receive high quality work (despite a number of typos on the site itself, notes UPI).

The best thing about the website is that it is completely unapologetic in its approach. The site’s own FAQ page admits that having unemployed academics bid on assignments and write them in lieu of lazy college students is “incredibly” unethical, but “because the academic system is already so corrupt, we’re totally cool with that. We even all have matching tweed t-shirts.”

Oh, sure, some have risen to the soapbox to decry the website for its highly questionable ethics, causing a site member to respond to Canada’s National Post, saying “we have no control over what a client does upon paying for and receiving the project,” continuing, “In fact, it places the ethical burden squarely on the shoulders of the student.”

Good point, prof! For those who complained, was that before or after you submitted your own request to