Kirk Douglas Doubles Pledge To Skid Row, Gives $10 Million

Kirk Douglas has doubled his pledge to Los Angeles’s Skid Row to $10 million in support of homeless women, surprising even his wife, for whom he dedicated the pledge.

Kirk and his wife Anne Douglas announced their initial $5 million pledge in July to continue their support of the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Douglas stated that his wife told him when they married 57 years ago that she was determined to do something for her country. The 95-year-old actor, who gave his wife an award on Wednesday for her work with the shelter, stated that she has never stopped. Look to the Stars notes that the actor also told his wife, “Thank you for teaching me that caring is sharing.”

Anne Douglas was surprised by her husband’s generosity, stating during the event that her husband normally can’t keep a secret. This time though, he surprised her, and she thanked him for his “tremendous generosity, which will allow my vision of helping the homeless men and women of Los Angeles.”

Herb Smith, the Los Angeles Mission President, was also surprised by Kirk Douglas’s doubled pledge, saying:

“This wonderful legacy will make it possible to help individuals create their own legacy. It will open great opportunities to begin to solve one of the more intractable problems facing society. We are beyond grateful for the support the Douglas family has shown the Los Angeles Mission.”

Kirk Douglas announced the additional pledge of $5 million during the gala to celebrate the Anne Douglas Center for Women’s 20th anniversary.