Man Pays For Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Dollar Bill Pigs

Instead of taking a trip to the County Clerk’s office to resolve a $137 traffic violation in a normal, non-offensive manner, a man opted to pay off his fine with 137 origami pigs made out of dollar bills, according to the Daily Mail. In order to make sure that authorities were clear on the point he was trying to make, the individual presented his gifts to police in two Dunkin Donuts boxes. Pigs? Donuts? Although it’s not the sort of joke you want to make to the men and women in law enforcement, at least they seem to have a sense of humor about the ordeal.

The man, who goes by the name “Bacon Mouse” on YouTube, captured the entire exchange on-camera, much to the dismay of the individuals working at the clerk’s office. Although the guy spent several hours bending and folding the bills to look like tiny pigs, government employees forced the gentleman to unfold each and every one of his beloved creations.

When the employee working the counter explained that he wasn’t going to accept the money in its folded state, Bacon Mouse retorted with, “Why not? It’s legal tender. It’s legitimate currency. I would have paid by card but you charge a five per cent fee for that. You can count them.”

Why did Bacon Mouse go through all this trouble? According to Oh Gizmo, the man was attempting to make a point. Bacon Mouse feels that he was extorted by the traffic camera that caught him running a red light. Since he feels the town he lives in is a place where “the cops (and absurd red-light cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it,” he decided to make their lives even more difficult by folding his payment into origami pigs and forcing them to accept them as payment.

Do you feel Bacon Mouse stepped over the line by paying off his traffic ticket using 137 Origami dollar bill pigs? To see pictures of his creations, swing by the Daily Mail. Video of the exchange has been embedded below.