Kent Jones’ ‘Don’t Mind’ Lyrics: Genius Lil Wayne, Pitbull Remix — Tunechi Talks ‘Codeine Urine’

Chances are if you don’t know the name Kent Jones, nor the title of Jones’ hit banger of the summer of 2016 – “Don’t Mind” – you’ve probably heard the infectious rhythm and beat and have asked yourself: What the heck is Kent saying in those other languages in between Jones “telling me this, telling me that?”

Brilliantly, Kent opens his song with a nod to an African-American woman “fo sure” – or African-American women, as it were – as the NSFW “Don’t Mind” explicit video details. Jones can’t necessarily be accused of being one of those African-American men whose exclusion of African-American women makes their penchant painfully obvious.

Don't Mind

Trey Songz notoriously “got dragged” in the YouTube comments for his “Foreign” song praising foreign women. But, to each his own – and with Jones hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, the city of the historically black Florida A&M University, one can’t help but wonder more about the “Don’t Mind” genius who turns lyrics and phrases in the “Don’t Mind” song with aplomb.

Perhaps from Kent’s own leanings – or from learning lessons gleaned from reactions to scenarios like Kyrie Irving’s yacht party, as noted by TMZ – Jones will likely make sure to sprinkle black women around his “Don’t Mind” official remix video with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and Pitbull. Kent has created the multicultural machismo “Mambo No. 5” for the rap world, with women like interchangeable parts to a monolithic, mystical female.

At least like Rae Sremmurd rhymed, Jones doesn’t seem to have a type either.

“I ain’t got no type. Bad b****** is the only thing that I like.”

It’s the foreign languages in “Don’t Mind” that hit the ear and announce that something new and different is afoot in this rhyme. After all, it’s not every day that a rapper or R&B singer busts out in a tongue other than English – save for Pitbull. And speaking of Pitbull, the Miami native and Lil Wayne have jumped in on Jones’ “Don’t Mind” remix, spitting verses in other languages as well.

Warning: The lyrics in the “Don’t Mind” remix song might be offensive to some.