‘The 100’ Season 4: Octavia’s Rage Reaches New Heights — Is Bellamy The Next To Die? [Spoilers]

Warning: Spoilers and theories for The 100 Season 4 are ahead.

The 100 Season 4 has not even begun filming, but there are still spoilers, theories, and teasers available. One character who fans are interested in is Octavia Blake, played by Marie Avgeropoulos. What does the future hold for Bellamy’s sister? There are hints that Octavia’s rage could reach new heights and another person will pay the price. Could Bob Morley’s character, Bellamy Blake, be in danger of dying when new episodes air in 2017?

Octavia will get darker in Season 4 of The 100. As fans recall, she watched in horror and disbelief as Pike (Michael Beach) executed Lincoln (Ricky Whittle). What made things even worse for Octavia is that her brother was part of Pike’s anti-Grounder group. By the Season 3 finale, Marie Avgeropoulos’ character got vengeance and killed Pike. However, will that be enough or will her rage continue in Season 4?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the writers of The 100 teased that someone was going to have a knife held to their throat. It was also hinted on Instagram that fans should expect “Ninja Octavia,” which makes it sound like there will be an epic fight scene in the first few episodes of Season 4.

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It is no secret that Avgeropoulos’ character will get more intense and dangerous when the post-apocalyptic show returns. Octavia never had the opportunity to grieve for Lincoln. The fact that her own brother was indirectly responsible for Lincoln’s death does not make things any easier. She tried to deal with the pain in various ways last season. Octavia even went as far as to beat Bellamy to a bloody pulp, but the rage was still there.

After Clarke (Eliza Taylor) returned from the City of Light, Avgeropoulos’ character did not hesitate to kill Pike. She did so swiftly and then, without missing a beat, walked away briskly. Everyone knew she wanted to get justice for Lincoln, but how quickly and suddenly it happened was what surprised the Sky Crew as well as viewers.

According to the latest spoilers, theories, and hints for The 100, Octavia will only get more intense. Christian Today speculated that Octavia will kill Bellamy when the show returns. The website also predicted that it will happen quickly in Season 4. Is it really possible for Octavia to kill her own brother? As loyal fans know, it sure is, and creator Jason Rothenberg has never backed down from killing major characters. Over the past few seasons, several fan favorites have died in senseless, brutal, and controversial ways.

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More recently, the writers of The 100 posted an unusual sketch to Instagram. Everyone is wondering what it means. At first glance, it appears to just be a set of eyes, some sort of weapon or contraption on the forehead, and what looks like a piece of pizza at the top of the head. However, studying the picture from different angles reveals that the “nose” might actually be a grave. Although no distinguishing features were added to the drawing, the eyebrows and nostrils seem to resemble Bellamy. Is this a big clue that Bellamy will die in The 100 Season 4? If so, will Octavia be the one to kill him?

Even though Octavia hates Bellamy and can’t trust anyone, that is her brother. Whether or not she kills Bob Morley’s character will depend on how Octavia deals with her grief. Bellamy’s words and actions will also play a role in the future of the Blake siblings. In order to heal, Marie Avgeropoulos’ character might need to out on her own and find a way to release all of that rage.

What do you think of the latest spoilers for The 100 Season 4? Will Octavia kill Bellamy when the show returns to the CW network?

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