Oh No! Oprah and Stedman may be splitting up

Oprah Winfrey and her long time beau, Stedman Graham, may be calling it quits soon. In fact, The National Enquirer is reporting that Sted has already moved out and into his new bachelor pad!

Aparently, Stedman is sick of being treated like a second class citizen and being disrespected by Winfrey so he finally said “enough is enough” and moved out while Oprah was on an extended vacation with her pal, Gayle King. Why wasn’t Sted with her on vacation?

When you think back, how many times has Oprah included Stedman in any of her activities? When is the last time you remember her talking about her man like she used to years ago?

Our guess is that this has been going on for years but Sted finally got up the gumption to pack his stuff and leave. Straw that broke the camel’s back maybe?