Huntington Parents Charged After 3-Year-Old Son, Who’d Allegedly Eat His Own Feces And Drink Out Of Toilet, Was Found Dead In Home

Authorities in Huntington, West Virginia, stated that a 22-year-old mother, Mariya Jones, and her boyfriend, Aaron Miles, were arrested after the body of their three-year-old son, who would allegedly eat his own feces and drink out of a toilet, was found dead in their home. According to WSAZ, on Tuesday, July 12, at approximately 1:45 p.m., emergency responders arrived at a home in the 1800 block of 7th Avenue about a possible cardiac arrest.

When they arrived at the home, they discovered a three-year-old boy “lifeless and cold to the touch,” lying next to the toilet. Emergency responders administered CPR before transporting the toddler to Cabell Huntington Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

However, Huntington EMS reported seeing “numerous injuries in different stages of healing on the boy’s body while trying to revive him.” It was stated that the child had injuries on his genitals, as well as his stomach, which was swollen and hard to the touch.

Afterwards police officials were able to get in contact with the Cabell County Child Protective Services, who informed police that there had been an open investigation for over a month pertaining to child abuse, but Jones was reluctant to cooperate and meet with agents.

When the Huntington couple were questioned about the child found dead in the home, they stated that neither of them were home during the time of the death. Huntington police stated that only persons in the home when the child died were a four-year-old girl and an 11-month-old child, who have since been handed over to Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile, the Huntington mother and her boyfriend were arrested for “child abuse resulting in death.”

Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli stated that they have found enough “evidence in the home to build their case.” He went on to say that “we have already found, even though it’s very early in this investigation, that there are people who were aware that abuse was taking place in regard to this child. The failing is that they did not report it.”

Ciccarelli added that they’ve uncovered that some individuals made efforts to make sure the abuse in the home did not get reported.

As the couple waited for their arraignment at the Cabell County Courthouse, Miles told reporters that he left the children alone in the home for 10 or 15 minutes, but before he left, he said: “He [the child] went to sleep on the bathroom floor. I checked on him. He said he was okay.”

However, when Miles returned to the home, his son “didn’t wake up. I called 911.” After learning that his son had injuries on his genitals and a swollen stomach that was hard to the touch, he admitted to disciplining the child if he “got out of line. He’d been in trouble the last few days for being mischievous,” Miles said. “And I had him doing push-ups.”

The mother of the child also commented, stating that “they tell me the reason I’m being charged is because, yeah, I did hit him with a belt. What else are you supposed to hit your child with?”

However, according to the Herald Dispatch, documents stated that the injuries the child sustained were not consistent with a belt.

Jones also added that her three-year-old son, who was found dead in his Huntington home, had been eating his own feces and drinking out of the toilet.

Although both Huntington parents deny being responsible for the death of their son, they were arrested and charged with his death.

Huntington parents held on $1 million bond after child abuse arrest

“Yes, he was bad, and he got his butt whooped, yeah,” Jones stated. “If he’d run into something and black his eye that was his fault. I didn’t punch him. I didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t cause that death. For me to be sitting here is bull crap.”

After the Huntington parents, Mariya Jones and Aaron Miles, were arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death, they were held on a $1 million bond.

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