Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Briana Celebrates Gold-Digging, Why Harry Styles Could Not Keep Zayn Malik In One Direction

Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth has shocked Louis-lovers by making a pointed reference to gold-digging via Snapchat, and Zayn Malik has revealed that his One Direction brother Harry Styles’ efforts to keep him in the band fell flat for a very strange reason.

In a new clip, Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana can be seen alongside her best friend Olivia rocking out to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.”

The lyrics speak of a woman who “got one of your kids, got you for eighteen years.” Kanye blasts the golddigger’s behavior in the song, musing that the opportunistic female “ain’t messing with no broke n***as.”

One fan wrote, “I’m laughing at the song choice. THE SHADE.”

Briana is currently rumored to be locked in a custody battle with Louis Tomlinson. The battle was reportedly sparked by Briana’s jealousy of Louis’ new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, reports Hamilton Spectator.

“Louis Tomlinson’s custody was allegedly sparked by his ex-girlfriend’s jealousy…[Tomlinson’s] court case over his five-month-old son Freddie Reign – which was filed in a bid to get joint physical and legal custody of his child – has reportedly stemmed from Briana Jungwirth’s envy towards his new girlfriend Danielle Campbell, which has led to the ongoing “drama” between the former couple.”

Sources claim that Briana was unhappy with the house Louis bought her, and she “wanted something bigger.”

“When she was pregnant [Louis] was very supportive and paying for all her medical needs. He bought her a house, but she wanted something bigger.”

Briana reportedly wanted a “real relationship” with Tomlinson, who she dated briefly in 2015. The short tryst led to her pregnancy and the birth of the couple’s son, Freddie Reign, however Louis Tomlinson soon moved on from Briana and began dating actress Danielle Campbell.

“Before Briana got pregnant, she was bragging to friends about how serious she was with Louis. She thought it was going to be a real relationship… When Louis started dating Danielle, Briana was upset and that’s when the drama started.”

The new court battle began after Louis claimed Briana had been “inconsistent” in providing him with access to Freddie.

Capital FM reports that the young mother was furious because her son would be returned from Louis’ care still smelling like Danielle Campbell’s perfume.

“Louis is going to court for joint custody of Freddie, with sources claiming Briana has been ‘inconsistent’ in letting him see their five-month-old baby…. And now, sources say that the reason relations soured between Freddie’s parents is that he came back to Briana smelling of Louis’ new girlfriend’s perfume – meanwhile Louis is said to think that Briana’s objections stem from jealousy over his new relationship.”

In other One Direction news, the force that stood in the way of Harry Styles keeping Zayn Malik in One Direction has been revealed, and the story is an eerie one indeed.

Zayn apparently left the band because an alien came to him in a dream and told him to quit One Direction, reports ET.

“Zayn Malik is finally opening up about the first time he ever thought about leaving One Direction – and the reason is not what you’d expect… Yep, it seems as if an extra-terrestrial is to blame (at least, partially) for the end of the fab five!”

“An alien spoke to me in a dream,” Zayn told Glamour.

Harry Styles had been trying to convince Zayn Malik to return to the One Direction tour around the time the Bradford hunk had his strange dream.

Sugarscape reports that Harry and Zayn had a tearful phone call the day before Zayn quit One Direction. Harry had been hoping to convince Zayn to come back on the One Direction tour, which Zayn had already quit.

Zayn did not come back on the tour — in fact, he ignored Harry’s pleading and quit the band altogether.

“They were both in floods of tears… Harry was hoping to talk him round and get him back on the tour. He had no idea he was going to drop the bombshell and say he was leaving.”

ZMOnline reports that Harry Styles was always Zayn Malik’s biggest supporter in the band and felt especially betrayed when Zayn left.

“They all feel betrayed by Zayn, but especially Harry. Harry was always his biggest supporter and close friend… They feel like Zayn is acting like he’s above them, like he’s too good for the band.”

[Photo by Charles Sykes/AP Images]