Sally Struthers Arrested For Drunk Driving

Sally Struthers was arrested early monday morning in Maine for driving under the influence.

Struthers was pulled over at 12:30 am for drunk driving. The actress, who is most famous for her role in All In The Family, was charged with an OUI, or Operating Under the Influence.

Struthers was taken into custody but quickly posted $160 for bail.

According to TMZ, Struthers was handcuffed at the scene. Police said that the actress was “cooperative” during her arrest.

The Huffington Post reports that first time offenders in Maine face a $500 fine. Struthers could also have her license suspended for 90-days. There is no risk of jail time.

Struthers, who is currently in Maine starring in the play “9 to 5,” played Gloria Bunker-Stivic in All In The Family during the 1970s. She’s continued to work steadily in the industry although most of her work has been off-screen. Struthers voiced characters in shows like Dinosaurs, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Tale Spin. Her most recent credits include Gilmore Girls and American Dad.

Struthers is just the latest celebrity to get arrested for driving under the influence. Jason Kidd is currently fighting a DUI charge. Amanda Bynes was also recently arrested under suspicion of a DUI.