July 13, 2016
'Born This Way' Returns For Another Inspiring And Heartwarming Season [Spoilers]

Everyone has lifelong dreams that they'd like to see fulfilled, and the seven young adults born with Down syndrome and featured on Born This Way are no different. They definitely proved during the first season of this popular hit series that they are more than capable of chasing those dreams and working to make them a reality.

According to Broadway World, the first season of Born This Way provided an intimate and eye-opening look at this dynamic group of young people and their families as they pursued their various interests in Los Angeles, California. Like so many other young adults, this diverse group of seven are busy exploring and navigating the world around them. The seven seem to be very determined to achieve their goals, and most of them definitely know what they want out of life.

"This remarkable and inspiring series exemplifies the quality original programming A&E strives to bring to our viewers," said Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and head of programming for A&E Network. "By honoring and embracing diversity on television, Born This Way is uniquely redefining THE ART OF honest storytelling and altering the way society views individuals with differences."

Throughout the first season, Born This Way grew across all demos, with adults 25-54 up 84 percent, adults 18-49 up 64 percent, and total viewers up an impressive 67 percent. The series was recently chosen as one of six honorees for the 2015 Television Academy Honors, an award that recognizes television programming that inspires, informs, and motivates. Born This Way certainly does all that, and more.

The young people that are featured on Born This Way each have their own ideas of how to go about pursuing what they want out of life. For Megan, that means becoming a successful and independent adult. She created her own successful clothing line, Megology, and is also wanting to become a film producer. Her mother, Kris, is all for that, but she can see the bigger picture a little more clearly and worries that Megan may try to take on more than she can handle.

A&E's bio page for the Born This Way cast shares that Megan is on a mission to save lives. After she created an inspirational video titled "Don't Limit Me," she now speaks at events across the country. She states that her goal is to inspire people with her work, and she has certainly accomplished that goal.

The Futon Critic notes that John is actively pursuing a career as a rap artist and doesn't let anything stand in his way. He has a lot of support from family and friends, and attends a high school where he can focus on rapping and dancing. This season on Born This Way, his parents tell him that time is running out on how much longer they'll financially support him, and this motivates him to work harder than ever to achieve his dreams before he must look at other career options.

Elena is fiercely independent and very passionate about what she likes and dislikes. She brings a lot of energy and sometimes a bit of drama to the group. She lives on her own, attends high school with John, and loves to dance. On this season of Born This Way, when Elena has a fight with her mom that shocks her friends, she is forced to take responsibility for her actions and must learn healthier ways to express her feelings.

Cristina is an extremely caring and compassionate person, and whenever one of her friends has a problem or is upset, she is always there with a shoulder to cry on or to offer words of encouragement. Cristina is employed at a middle school and last season became engaged to her boyfriend, Angel. When Cristina starts taking ballroom dance lessons and spending time away from Angel, the young couple's relationship is put to the test and may be in trouble.

Steven has what is called mosaic Down syndrome, which is the less common form of the genetic disorder. He holds down two jobs, working in Anaheim as a dishwasher and in customer service at a grocery store. He is hoping to find a girlfriend but struggles with the idea of dating someone else with a disability. He is hopeful that Sean can give him some pointers since he has a lot of dating experience.

Sean is an excellent golfer with a room full of trophies and is good at other sports as well. He is a self-proclaimed "ladies man," and last season that got him into a little hot water with his best friend. On this season of Born This Way, he and buddy Steven take a big step toward more independence when they move into their own home together.

Rachel works in the mailroom of an insurance company, and she would like to be in a romantic relationship. The highlight for her last season was when she overcame her fear of loud noises and places in order to attend an Adam Lambert concert. On this season of Born This Way, Rachel is excited about being the "best person" at her brother's upcoming wedding. A health issue arises for Rachel, and she is forced to take action and work on living a healthier lifestyle.

Produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, the same company behind The Real World franchise, and there will be 10 new episodes. If the second season is anything like the first, viewers will not be disappointed by this moving, uplifting, and heartwarming series.

Did you watch the first season? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Born This Way premieres on Tuesday, July 26 at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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