Boston Red Sox Are Not For Sale, Says Owner

Boston Red Sox owner John Henry has fully denied a report by Fox Business Network that claimed the Boston Red Sox were being put up for sale.

Shortly after that claim was made on Thursday Henry told The Boston Globe:

“A sale of any kind is so far from our thinking it hasn’t even come up apart from technical planning issues involving death or disability. This report is completely without foundation.

Regarding unnamed sources: Any sale discussions that may have taken place were missing three key people — Larry [Lucchino], Tom [Werner] and me. The Sox and any of the other components of [Fenway Sports Group] are not for sale and will not be for the foreseeable future.”

Larry Lucchino was quick to back up Henry’s statement, telling WEEI radio in Boston:

“Nonsense … [the owners] feel the same kind of competitive juices that the fans feel, that I feel. There’s an opportunity here to put the team back on the track it was on for a decade. … There has not been one word, one word of discussion regarding that. We are committed, better or worse, we are the guys to kick around.”

Lucchino also said he had no plans to leave his post in the near future, noting:

“This is the place I call home. I hope to be here for the foreseeable future. I’ve got no plans to go anywhere else. I enjoy my working relationship with my partners and colleagues and the challenge that faces us here is a tremendous one. In some ways, and this may sound perverse, it’s appealing. We’ve done things one way, this is our 11th year, and quite a good ride and lots of success. But now there is a fundamental challenge to us, a very real opportunity to get this franchise back to where it should be in terms of on-field success and playoff baseball. And I relish that opportunity. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere, no.”

With the Boston Red Sox suffering criticism over their off-season draft picks and a miserable season that continues to drag on the biggest question appears to be whether or not Bobby Valentine will still have a job at the close of the season.

Management has promised to “deal with” the manager position at the end of the season.

Do you think a Boston Red Sox sale would help rejuvenate the Fenway based ball club?