Another UFO Spotted On ISS Live Video Just As Feed Goes Dark: Is NASA Purposely Killing Its Cameras?

Here comes the latest internet firestorm over an unidentified flying object (UFO) being picked up on the International Space Station (ISS)’s live feed cameras (operated by NASA) — and said live video stream of images being cut. The incident occurred over the past weekend, and, needless to say, UFO hunters, enthusiasts, aficionados, and researchers are having their say as to what might be behind the live feed cut. But on closer examination, the cutting of the live video feed during transmissions streaming from the ISS is nothing new, and for some, far too common to be coincidental.

The Daily Mail reported on July 12 that the live feed stream from NASA’s cameras aboard the ISS were cut again shortly after a UFO plummeted into the upper atmosphere of the Earth. UFO hunters were quick to note the presence of the UFO and the subsequent cutting of the live video feed of space images, accusing NASA of purposely affecting the termination of image transmission. Many contend that this is a common practice with NASA, pointing out that the space agency’s cameras aboard the ISS have a history of suddenly switching off or going “down” when mysterious or strange objects appear in the transmissions.

Although there are some who readily admit that the particular image in the latest UFO incident could very well be a meteor streaking Earthward, the fact that there have been so many of the feed cutting occurrences in conjunction with UFO sightings (regardless of what the UFOs eventually are discovered or discerned to be) have many crying government cover-up. For those not in the know, NASA — the National Aeronautics and Space Administration — is an independent agency of the executive branch of the U.S. government. One enthusiast insists that the image captured might be that of the Chinese space station cargo ship, the Tiangong-1. Or perhaps the Tiangong-2. This was posited due to recent headlines indicating that China seems to have lost contact with its first space station and the orbital space facility might not be able to maintain its position, causing it to succumb to gravity and plunge Earthward.

Be that as it may, there is no denying that there have been several incidents wherein the NASA camera feed on the ISS was interrupted. Although the reasons for these interruptions, not to mention the timing of the feed cuts with unexplained phenomena and/or UFOs in close relative proximity, have UFO enthusiasts demanding answers from NASA and openly accusing the space agency of deliberately causing the feed discontinuations — something NASA denied earlier this year. Most of the feed cuts, it was explained, are due to the loss of the transmission signal from the ISS.

The Daily Mail offers a November incident where the NASA live video feed was cut just after a horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted. That sighting (covered by Express) — and the subsequent feed shut-down — prompted intense accusations, especially from those geared toward conspiracy theories, of a NASA cover-up.

Still more recently, though, NASA’s live ISS feed was cut in April, according to the Daily Record, when a UFO appeared to be moving toward the ISS. According to Jadon Beeson, the man who spotted and photographed the object, “It had a blue glow to it… and looked like something from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'” He sent the photo to NASA but the agency did not respond, which is more common than not.

And yet, many of the seemingly coincidental incidents where UFO sightings seem to precipitate NASA video feed cuts often have astronomical or man-made explanations (although the cuts themselves are passed off as technical problems), the images often captured the detection of a meteor, the falling of space junk, or the shadows and reflections of objects associated with the ISS itself. As Snopes, the urban legend and internet hoax debunking website, noted in January of 2015, after a NASA feed shut-down occurred following a possible UFO sighting, when the NASA cameras went online in March, 2014, a BGR article noted that the dropped feeds were common during live streaming. And the UFO in question? It was deemed to be the shadowy image of the Moon rising above the Earth’s atmospheric edge.

Although the debate concerning just what the UFO in the latest incident actually might be will likely continue for some time, as will, undoubtedly, the accusations that NASA and/or the government is monitoring and purposely discontinuing the live ISS video feeds, it must be conceded that plausible deniability exists. And yet, what about the coincidental timing of the video feed shut-downs and all those UFO sightings (like here, here, and here)? The number of cases lends a certain validity to those who espouse conspiracy theories — or even the UFO enthusiast or researcher simply wondering if there might be just a little bit more to the story.

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