‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Battles Jennifer Over Thomas, Ciara Confronts Chase, And An Epic Meltdown Plays Out

'Days of Our Lives' star Billy Flynn

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Thursday’s episode brings plenty of action related to Chad, Jennifer, Chase, and Ciara. Jennifer is challenging Chad for custody of Thomas while Abigail remains missing, and Ciara will be confronting Chase. Hope is anxious to track down Rafe, and the two will be facing one explosive scenario very soon while the situation regarding Tate’s kidnapping garners a lot of attention as the rest of the week plays out as well. What else is on the way with the July 13 show?

Chad has been told by Andre that Abigail died in a plane crash, but Chad is not convinced that he is getting the truth in this situation. He is doing all he can to uncover what really happened, but he is now facing another battle in that Jennifer wants to take Thomas away from him. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps note that this battle will intensify during Thursday’s show, and he will hire Belle to represent him in this battle.

Chase and Ciara have had to cross paths a few times in recent weeks due to the Shady Hills connection, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that an epic confrontation is on the way. Ciara will be tearing into him during the next show, and this will be an intense one.

This tense encounter with Ciara is not the only bit of Chase viewers will see during the next episode. Days of Our Lives teasers detail that he will be having a massive meltdown of some sort. Everybody will have to tune in to see what initiates all of this and where it leaves Chase.

Unfortunately, actor Jonathon McClendon, who plays the character, recently shared on Twitter that he has not had any scenes on the show in quite a few months. While that is not an official confirmation that Days of Our Lives is writing Chase out entirely and for good, it certainly sounds as if he will essentially fade into the woodwork quite soon.

Chase hasn’t had much of a storyline since the writers had the character rape Ciara. Some would have expected the character to be utilized more given his father Aiden’s stunning return, but he has not been seen much for some time now. At this point, it is sounding as if these current scenes may pave the way for him to end up falling off the canvas.

Everybody will soon see more chaos related to Rafe and Hope as well. Andre has orchestrated a scheme of luring Rafe to a house he purchased, and things are not looking good. Andre has things rigged so that there is a bomb attached to Rafe, and now that Hope knows about some of Aiden’s lies, she is scrambling to find Rafe.

Hope will track Rafe down to the house, and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she will talk to him about how much she loves him. However, they are in a desperate situation now with this bomb, and she will have to make a bold move to get them both out of the house before it explodes. Unfortunately, the bomb will go off this week as Shawn arrives and Rafe and Hope are still inside.

As the week continues, viewers will see more with Theresa and Brady as they fight to find Tate. All signs seem to point toward Summer having taken the tot, but Days of Our Lives spoilers have not yet revealed who is behind the scheme. Summer will go on the run as this all plays out, and soon she will be out of the picture entirely. However, Theresa and Brady will be utilizing Paul and John to try to find both Summer and their son, and things are going to get intense.

Will Hope and Rafe both fully recover from what Andre has planned with the bomb? What pushes Chase to have such an epic meltdown, and will this be the last that viewers see of him? Can Chad pull things back together to figure out what happened to Abigail and maintain custody of his son? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are dramatic twists and turns on the way, and viewers will be anxious to see what comes next.

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