Daniel Craig May Be The ‘Definitive Bond,’ And Why His Hands Looked A Little Strange In ‘Spectre’

Daniel Craig has been the latest actor to step into the spy shoes of James Bond, and many people were dubious as to his ability to effectively portray the role. Many actors before him had held the role down and kept a fan base spanning decades upon decades, yet Daniel Craig still managed to take on the role of Bond as his own and reinvent the character for a new generation.

According to Xpose, Ralph Fiennes believes that Daniel Craig might just be the best actor to take on the role of James Bond.

Ralph certainly does not feel that Sean Connery is the definitive Bond. The Scottish actor became the face of Bond ever since he took the role in 1962 with films like Goldfinger and From Russia With Love. Daniel Craig, being the latest incarnation of James Bond, currently has four Bond films to his name. Ralph Fiennes starred opposite Daniel Craig in some of the films and also worked with Sean Connery in the film The Avengers, so he is intimately familiar with the acting styles of both. When asked about who his favorite Bond is, the choice was tough for him.

Ralph Fiennes spoke on how Daniel Craig changed his opinion on who portrayed the definitive James Bond.

“I always thought Sean Connery was the definitive Bond. Now I’m not so sure. I think Daniel is totally inside Bond. I think he’s made it his own. I feel there’s interior stuff in Daniel’s Bond, there’s an inner life. Interior tension that I’m not sure I’ve seen any of the other Bonds.”

The Harry Potter star also went on to defend comments made by Daniel Craig in the past where the James Bond actor said that he would rather slash his wrists than play Bond again. Fiennes confirmed that the role does indeed take a very heavy toll on Craig.

Despite the high praise for Daniel Craig as James Bond by Ralph Fiennes and a large fan base that believes so too, the latest outing of Craig for the role was met with criticism from fans. According to Express, Daniel Craig’s Spectre has the dubious honor of being the most complained about film of 2015.

Forty people complained to the British Board of Film Classification about the brutal and violent scenes in the action film. Not only was Spectre the most complained about film for 2015, it is also tied in fourth place as the most complained about film of the decade. The fans were generally upset by the torture scenes in the film.

BBFC’s annual report spoke on the criticism.

“Although the idea is unpleasant there is limited detail depicted. Given the lack of detail in the scene and the context of an action film featuring a larger-than-life hero character who always defeats his enemies, this moderate violence is acceptable at 12A.”

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This incident is not the first time that Daniel Craig encountered such criticism over the gritty nature of one of his films. During Craig’s first film in the role of Bond with Casino Royale back in 2006, the film received 82 complaints — more than double the number of Spectre’s complaints. Meanwhile, the follow-up film Quantum of Solace only received six complaints.

Skyfall, the third outing of Daniel Craig as Bond, was also not without its problems, as a wardrobe choice nearly ruined the film. According to the Independent, Daniel Craig nearly ruined Skyfall with a pair of leather gloves.

Daniel Craig reportedly wanted his character to wear a pair of gloves in the film, as he thought it would be an interesting character trait for Bond. Sam Mendes, the director of the film, obliged the request and allowed him to use the gloves on set. All was well until a minor yet important detail flew under the radar and was later picked up by a critic, Charlie Lyne, who noted that Craig’s wardrobe choice negated one of the scenes in the film wherein the gun being used by James Bond was one that came with a fingerprint scanner. As the critic pointed out, how would Bond be able to bypass the fingerprint scanner and fire the gun while wearing gloves?

In the end, the problem was rectified in post-production, where Daniel Craig’s hands were digitally painted over the gloves. While the end result was acceptable, some people nevertheless noticed that those scenes showed James Bond with unusually strange hands.

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