July 13, 2016
WWE News: WWE NXT Superstar Bayley Possibly Making Main Roster Debut At 'WWE Battleground'

We all know by now that WWE NXT Superstar Bayley has become massively popular. Even people who don't know much about NXT in the wrestling world probably know of her because her name gets thrown around a lot. Many fans believe that she will be the biggest and most popular female wrestler in WWE history by the time her career ends. What she can do in the ring is only matched by a handful of people, and on top of that, she is a good mic worker.

The most important thing is that her character is fantastic. With it, she is able to connect with every single wrestling fan. Most importantly, she appeals to the female fans WWE is trying to cater to a lot more with the new women's revolution. For years, WWE has sort of ignored women, as the ladies of WWE were used more as eye candy than actual wrestlers. Whether it was their use in bikini contests or Bra & Panty matches, the problem was that WWE didn't see the value in female wrestling for a while -- even when they had Lita and Trish Stratus at the height of their greatness.

In fact, WWE went through a model era that turned off many fans when it came to the women. Even the men started to get tired of it. Then along comes Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley out of WWE NXT. Because of them, women's wrestling became important again, and WWE decided to give them a chance. Three of these Four Horsewomen are on the main roster, so we all wondered when Bayley would join them.

Bayley Sasha crossface
[Image via WWE]

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

In the recent WWE SmackDown taping, it was announced that Charlotte and Dana Brooke will take on Sasha Banks and a mystery partner of her choosing at WWE Battleground. This is a big situation for Bayley because it appears very likely that Bayley will be brought in at Battleground to be the mystery partner for Banks. Since both Bayley and Banks are real-life friends and are frienemies in WWE, it makes sense that she would be asked.

The WWE Draft takes place next week on WWE SmackDown Live! We are set to see a lot of NXT stars make their debut in the coming weeks. Finn Balor will be finishing up with WWE NXT tonight as he takes on Shinsuke Nakamura in a dream match. Due to this, Balor should be making his debut on WWE RAW or the night of the draft itself. Either show would be huge for fans.

American Alpha are also rumored for next week. However, there are some rumors stating that they may come in the following week. As of now, they are not as confirmed as Balor is.

Banks Sasha hug
[image via WWE]

When it came to Bayley, it was initially believed that she would debut sometime after WWE NXT: Brooklyn, which isn't until the end of August. The reason for this was because WWE felt that Bayley being there would be a distraction for the Banks/Charlotte rivalry. WWE put a lot into them working together, and having fans care more about Bayley more than these two women would certainly suck for the creative team.

WWE may have her appear earlier so they know she will not interfere with the Banks/Charlotte rivalry if she is on another brand. Due to the draft, we clearly will know where most will land, including Banks and Charlotte. Meanwhile, it is undetermined which brand Bayley will end up on when she works Battleground.

It very well could be that she only makes the one appearance and comes back after WWE SummerSlam, but that is unknown as of now. What does seem to be pretty obvious is that Bayley will be the mystery partner. The puzzling thing for fans, though, is the fact WWE is doing yet another tag team match with the women and not a WWE Women's Title match with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Battleground is already loaded with tag matches, and another isn't a good plan. That said, fans won't care about it if Bayley appears.

[image via WWE]