July 13, 2016
Is Patricia Altschul Cashing In By Writing Book 'The Art Of Southern Charm'?

The most infamous "southern" mama, Patricia Altschul, on Bravo is planning to capitalize on her investment in the production of the Bravo show Southern Charm and write a book that imparts her wisdom on all things from entertaining to raising the perfect "Southern Gentleman."

The matriarch of several families is interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to impart more of her sage wisdom on a generation beyond her son, Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, and his Charleston friends and Southern Charm cohorts Thomas Ravenel and Shep Rose. So while fans are waiting to find out if there will be a Season 4 of Southern Charm, they can perhaps get their hands on The Art of Southern Charm, which is being written by the self-proclaimed doyenne of the south.

According to the Inquisitr, it is curious that Patricia Altschul claims to be such an authority on the south, as she has spent a majority of her life in the Washington, D.C., and New York areas and has only recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, after the death of her fourth husband, Arthur Altschul, a banking mogul and champion of Jewish causes.

Patricia Altschul was born outside Jacksonville, Florida, but then spent most of her life in the D.C. metro area, where she attended George Washington University and had her only child, Whitney Smith, with then husband, Lon Smith (Whitney reportedly added the Sudler to his name in adulthood.) Former friends of Patricia from her New York days say she claimed to be a descendant of Robert E. Lee, but that was proven to be a myth,

So Bravo says the proposed book is to be called The Art of Southern Charm, and it will be penned by Southern Charm's Patricia Altschul, mother of Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith. Patricia Altschul has been calling out to Southern Charm fans on Twitter to see on what southern topics she can advise.

"Hello all you @Bravotv fans. I'm hard at work on my book, The Art of Southern Charm. Love to know what you want me to write about!"
Oddly, fans wanted to know how Patricia Altschul raised the "perfect Southern son." Whitney is the first to admit that he has lived outside of Charleston far more than he has lived there, and she now spends the most time in Los Angeles at his home is WestHollywood.

"@Pataltschul @Bravotv write about how to raise a gentleman son. ❤️ WHITNEY"

Others have asked about Patricia's advice for throwing a dinner party or the perfect southern pool party. Others want to know how to get a man to marry you in 10 days.

"@Pataltschul @Bravotv your ways of how to get a man to marry you in 10 days!"
But Tamara Tattles is calling foul on Patricia Altschul being the arbiter of all things southern and high class, claiming that she is neither and has a bit of nerve throwing so much shade on Southern Charm cast members Kathryn Dennis and K. Cooper Ray. Tamara Tattles finds it odd that Patricia and Whitney speak on the south as authorities yet they are natives.

"First of all neither Patricia or Whitney are southern let alone from Charleston. Whitney technically is southern I suppose as he was born in DC and raised in Virginia until his mother married her fourth elderly husband and move to Manhattan. Patricia's marriages have all been for money and she enjoys an elderly man. It's not a bad job if you can get it I suppose."
Another east coast woman who married an older fellow helped to blow the whistle on Patricia in reference to her lineage. Suzanne Kent Cooke told a story about some of the "family heirlooms" Patricia claims as her own, that reportedly belong to Ed Fleming, another former husband of Patricia Altschul. Suzanne Kent Cooke shared a story about her former friend Patricia.

"Southerly, the Altschul estate on Long Island, was featured in a past issue of Architectual Digest. One of rooms photographed was the Library. Over the fireplace hung a portrait of Pocohantas. In the article Patricia boasted to Aileen Miele, (the author of the piece,) that she was a descendant of the Native American princess. This is a BOLD FACED LIE! She'd stolen the painting, as well as the bed where Robert E Lee was born. She also absconded with a number of silhouettes which hang in the Charleston house."

But there is no denying that Patricia Altschul puts together a beautiful home. In the blog Cote de Texas, there are many behind-the-scenes details of Patricia's home featured in Southern Charm that fans might not have noticed. But after enjoying the sumptuous beauty of the interior, take some time to read through the comments section for some truly catty shade about interior design.

Will you be buying your own copy of The Art of Southern Charm by Patricia Altschul?

[Photo by Bravo]