International Space Station: NASA Is Accused Of Cutting Live Feed As UFO Enters Earth's Atmosphere [Video]

Did NASA try to hide a UFO recorded near the International Space Station? That's what UFO hunters are alleging after the live feed to the International Space Station was cut just as a large UFO was spotted by sky watchers as it appeared to enter the Earth's atmosphere. The troubling scene was recorded by diligent ISS feed observers on July 9, the same day that NASA allegedly cut the feed to hide the massive UFO from the public's prying eyes.

The incident was first reported by Streetcap1, a well-known internet UFO watcher, and a video was uploaded for the world to check out later that same day. Check out the International Space Station video that has the internet buzzing.

As the Mirror reports, the YouTube user who originally uploaded the video of the International Space Station's feed being cut by NASA stopped short of calling the mysterious object caught on camera an alien ship. Indeed, the popular UFO enthusiast was very careful when it came to describing the object caught in the inexplicably-stopped live-feed transmission aired by the space station.
"This could well be a meteor or the like."
Even though he didn't come right out and say he thought the object caught by the International Space Station's camera was a UFO (as in alien craft), he did call into question NASA's motives for allegedly pulling the plug on the International Space Station's live feed. Specifically, Streetcap1 called out NASA's timing.
"What made it interesting was that the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop."
Since the publication of the video of the International Space Station's inexplicable recording (and the sudden cessation of that recording), many UFO lovers have come forward with theories of their own, theories that attempt to logically explain what the ISS caught on video.
At least one person thinks that the unidentified object may be Tiangong-1, a space cargo ship from China.
"I have watched the International Space Station a lot over the last 6 years and I can tell you that this is not the moon, nor a meteor. It may be the Chinese space station cargo ship, called Tiangong-1, or the other one Tangong-2."
This is far from the first time that NASA has been accused of pulling the plug on its International Space Station feed just when the video starts getting juicy. There are numerous videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites that feature inexplicable objects entering the International Space Station's field of vision just before the feed goes black.
As recently as April, a spokesperson for NASA gave a public statement swearing that NASA never shuts down the International Space Station's live feed to hide the appearance of so-called UFOs. According to the statement, when the ISS feed loses video, it's usually because of the "loss of signals from the ISS."

The NASA spokesperson didn't clarify whether or not astronauts on the International Space Station had the capacity to cut the feed if UFOs were present, just that NASA doesn't cut the feed.

Here's the April International Space Station incident that prompted the NASA statement earlier this year.

While UFO hunters the world over admit that the strange object caught on camera this July could have been nothing more than a meteor or some other equally mundane object, they are sticking to their story that NASA has a history of "covering up" International Space Station UFO sightings.
As the Daily Mail reports, the July cut in the ISS live feed is just one of a series of such occurrences, many of which seem to coincide with UFO sightings or the appearance of unexplained objects in the space station's camera's field of vision.

What do you think? Are UFOs real? Is NASA orchestrating a cover-up? What was the object filmed by the International Space Station, and is NASA deliberately cutting off the live feed?

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