Lil Wayne In Denial?

Lil Wayne is one of the most iconic figures in the hip hop industry. But lately, he has been has been experiencing more seizures and hospitalizations than normal. In the past three months alone, the “Cut It” singer has been reported to have suffered three almost fatal seizures. And that’s only counting those that have been reported by mainstream media.

In June, he was alleged to have consumed large quantities of sizzurp just before suffering a fit. Sizzurp is a widely common cough syrup concoction that can be deadly if overdosed. It contains codeine, a substance that is known to cause euphoria, promethazine, a sedative, soda, and sometimes also Jolly Ranchers candy for flavoring. The mixture is commonly referred to as “lean” as users usually lean over.

In the June incident, Lil Wayne, who also suffers from epilepsy, suffered two seizures reportedly after taking large quantities of lean, which prompted his private jet to make two emergency landings in one day. He is said to have gone wild with his indulgence after his Minneapolis gig. The following is part of the report by the Daily Mail.

“Lil Wayne was holding five 16oz bottles of the sizzurp mix while at his show, and drank three bottles just by himself over the weekend,” the gossip site reported on Tuesday.

On Monday, the rapper had two seizures while on flights from Wisconsin to California, causing the pilot of his private jet to make two emergency landings in Omaha, Nebraska before he was rushed to hospital.

On the first landing, which was in Omaha, Weezy is said to have refused medical treatment and got back on the plane. But just after a few minutes, he suffered another seizure, forcing the pilot to land yet again at the same airport. It was reported that he had blacked out by the time the ambulance arrived and was taken to a nearby hospital.

In the latest incident, which occurred just a few days ago, Li Wayne was said to have suffered another seizure just before performing at Tao, a Las Vegas Night Club. The situation was reported to be so serious that he was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. He was apparently not able to make it to the Tao performance and instead recuperated in his Miami home.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne rounded his latest seizure down to a medication issue, with the wrong prescription dosage being the main culprit. Apparently, Lil Wayne’s doctors are having a hard time figuring out the right balance for him. However, a more sinister theory in regards to his latest seizure episodes has been pointing to lean as the cause.

According to Dr. Joel Nathan, an addiction specialist who spoke to the New York Daily News, the composition of lean, which includes Promethazine, which is used to treat allergies, and codeine can be lethal to people with epilepsy.

According to his statement, “If people are sipping this stuff all day, they get tolerant to the codeine, and need more and more over time to have the same effect. The more you use lean, the more you need to (drink) to have the same effect. You build a tolerance. And then you get to some of the more serious effects, which could be seizures.”

According to the report, the continuous consumption of the cocktail lowers the user’s threshold of suffering seizures, consequently increasing the frequency. As a result, Wayne’s doctors may find it hard to gauge his right treatment dosage.

In some cases, the cocktail has been reported to have caused deaths. DJ Screw, who died in 2000 is said to have died after taking a cocktail containing codeine, alcohol and promethazine. Rapper Pimp C’s death has also been linked to lean.

So far, Lil Wayne has not acknowledged that sizzurp is aggravating his condition, although this has been suggested to him in the past.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]