July 13, 2016
Ariel Winter Comments On Taylor Swift's 'Boob Job,' 'Good For Her!'

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is speaking out about Taylor Swift's alleged boob job.

Appearing on the daytime talk show The Talk on July 12, Winter, who has been open about undergoing breast reduction surgery in the past, got candid about the rampant reports suggesting that Swift may have undergone a breast enhancement.

"I have to say, if Taylor Swift did get her boobs done then good for her if she felt like she wanted to," Ariel said on the show, though Swift has neither officially confirmed nor denied swirling rumors that she's gone under the knife.

Winter also got candid about her own surgery on the CBS talk show, admitting that it "took her a while" to be comfortable and accept the way she looks.

"It took me a while to accept myself and I just hope that girls can learn to accept themselves however big or small their breasts are," Ariel said, admitting that even after getting her breasts reduced, people still comment on her appearance.

"What's funny is that even after I got the breast reduction everybody still comments on everything I wear," Winter said on The Talk. "If I'm wearing a tank top, people will still comment," Ariel continued, "and go 'Oh she looks like this and that but I'm sure she isn't that kind of person' and 'Oh she's asking for it.'"

Taylor is yet to comment on reports that she may have undergone a boob job, despite Ariel's recent comments, though rumors have been swirling for weeks that the star could have gone under the knife.

A number of fans flocked to social media to accuse Swift of having a breast augmentation after the star was spotted flaunting her curves last month.

"I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift got a boob job" @jordanrichh wrote on social media, while Twitter user @ejweeks wrote, "Did Taylor Swift really think we wouldn't notice her boob job? Come on tswift. Looks like it's stuck to your ribs."

"Taylor Swift for sure got a boob job, right?" social media @calihansontho chimed in, and @SelenaVelvet added on the 140-character site, "Taylor should acknowledge her boob job and flaunt it just like she does with all her relationships. Leading the way for other feminists!"

Metro also published a report suggesting that Taylor may have undergone a boob job, claiming to have spoken to a plastic surgeon who speculated that Swift had definitely altered her appearance in recent months.

The site published quotes from plastic surgeon Adrian Richards of The Private Clinic, who has not treated Taylor, who even went as far as to speculate on the style of breast implants Swift may have gotten.

"I would suggest that she has had breast implants," Adrian told Metro of Swift last month. "If we look back at pictures of Taylor from 2012, she seems to have a flatter chest."

"We tend to call these 'low profile implants,' because of how the implants sit and how far they come out," he continued of Swift's alleged surgery.

However, despite the swirling breast augmentation rumors, an insider close to Swift slammed the reports to E! News, denying that Taylor has undergone any kind of cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance.

A source close to Taylor admitted to the site that the boob job reports were completely "false" and also confirmed that Swift has "always liked her breasts" the way they are. Taylor "likes the fact she can go bra-less and have them still be perky," the insider added.

What do you think of Ariel Winter's comments on Taylor Swift's alleged boob job?

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images and Mark Davis/Getty Images]