Kris Jenner ‘Furious’ With NBC Over 9/11 Moment Of Silence Snub

The nation openly mocked NBC’s Today for airing an interview with Kris Jenner over a national moment of silence on 9/11 when virtually every other media outlet observed it. Making matters worse, NBC isn’t going to apologize and really doesn’t give a hoot what you think about their programming decisions. Now it’s being reported that even Today’s guest Kris Jenner is upset over the snubbed moment, and feels a degree of shame for having taken part in it.

Kris Jenner is arguably at the center of the controversy, as many media outlets have openly mocked the interview’s content: breast implants and reality TV. Oh, how far we’ve come. But now Kris is backing away from the controversy, letting NBC be crucified alone, reports RadarOnline.

“Kris is a big supporter of the troops and she’s very upset about this,” a source told the gossip site. “She had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to skip the national moment of silence on 9/11 and suddenly she’s in the middle of it and it’s her face being shown on TV while it’s being discussed.”

Kris certainly isn’t alone. Backlash against the Today show is at an all-time high (and yes, we’re counting reaction to the ignoble departure of Ann Curry earlier this year) with social media outlets calling for a complete boycott of the show, affecting literally tens of viewers.

“She isn’t saying so publicly but she is furious. She’s angry the show put her in this position,” the source continues of Kris, “she’s caught in this mess and it’s NBC’s fault, not hers.”

How is NBC handling it?

“They know she’s mad but they are ignoring it,” said the source. “They’re just hoping it will all go away.”

Do you think that NBC should have observed the moment of silence or is reaction to Today‘s Kardashian interview too forced? Sound off!