Castle Crashers Now Has 3 Million ‘Knights In The Making’

Castle Crashers launched for XBLA in the summer of 2008 and now the company says the game has 3 million ‘knights in the making.”

Game developer Behemoth announced the leaderboard total on Thursday. According to the company:

“Over three million humans have hacked and slashed their way into a castle in hopes of gaining animated glory.”

Behemoth then wrote on its own website:

“Reaching the 3 million in leaderboards means a lot to us for so many reasons. It shows us that there is still demand for 2D games likeCastle Crashers. It motivates us to keep on creating fresh and original content like in Castle Crashers.”

After launching on XBLA in 2008 the game finally make its way to PSN in 2012 and was recently announced for Steam. Even after nearly 4 years on the market Castle Crashers remains one of the top-sellign XBLA games on a monthly basis. Just on XBLA alone the 2D gaming experience has sold 2 million copies.

Behemoth is once again hoping to strike download gold when it releases Battleblock Theater, a game that started development in 2009. Behemoth has not yet given a release date for the new game, here’s to hoping that it will be just as addictive as Castle Crashers.

Do you think properly created and excellently maintained 2D games can still compete with more advanced console gaming and other future options?

I for one actually prefer the 2D gaming experience, perhaps because 3D games make me nauseous or perhaps because I spent the better part of my childhood playing endless hours of Pitfall.