'Praying' Florida Woman Crashed Car Into Home

A Florida woman is attracting attention for the ironic way she has found herself in trouble with authorities. The Sun Sentinel reports that the 28-year-old unnamed woman was trying to have a conversation with God when her car plowed into a Okaloosa County residence.

The incident took place on Thursday morning in a Fort Walton Beach neighborhood. Police say that the unnamed 28-year-old Florida woman ran past a stop sign while driving through an intersection. This resulted in her driving through a yard before crashing her car into a residence. Police say that she also tried to back out of the yard in an attempt to flee the scene of the incident, but her car had become stuck in some sand.

While being questioned by authorities, the Florida woman claimed that she was "praying with her eyes closed," while driving through the Fort Walton Beach neighborhood. Police have not commented on whether or not she appeared to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, no comments were made about the woman's apparent mental or emotional state. Reports indicate that neither the woman's car or the home experienced any major damage. There were also no reported injuries in the bizarre "praying while driving" incident.This isn't the first time someone has wrecked their vehicle while praying. Last year, an Ohio woman named Marilyn Perry crashed into another woman's car, which resulted in multiple injuries. The 62-year-old woman told police that she had bowed her head, closed her eyes, and prayed while driving. At the time of her mid-drive prayer, the Ohio woman crashed into a 50-year-old woman. The other woman suffered from injuries that included a broken neck and various bumps and bruises. The whole "praying while driving" incident ended in Marilyn Perry being charged with aggravated vehicular assault.This year, a bus driver in Israel was pulled over by police when they spotted him using his cellphone while driving the large vehicle. The man told police that he was using the phone to recite his daily prayers, which he didn't have the time to finish before starting his work shift. He was given a ticket for the incident and was quite lucky that nobody was injured and no wreck occurred.

This also isn't the only time a Florida woman has made headlines. In fact, the hashtags #FloridaWoman and #FloridaMan are always trending on social media, with an array of embarrassing, bizarre and tragically weird news headlines. What's the weirdest news story you've read out of the Sunshine State?

As for the unnamed Florida woman in this latest case, very few details are being released. Authorities have confirmed that the woman has been cited with reckless driving with property damage. She was evidently not arrested or charged with any crimes in Thursday's incident, and police in Fort Walton Beach aren't commenting on whether or not the woman's prayer claims appear to be truthful. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the home where the Florida woman crashed haven't come forward publicly with comments about the incident.

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