‘Pokémon GO’ Tips: Where To Find Rare Pokémon, Hints For Catching Pokémon Easier, And How To Quickly Level Up

With Pokémon GO fever sweeping the globe, tips and hints on how to move up in the game faster and catch elusive Pokémon are at a premium. And luckily for fans, there are plenty of gamers on the internet willing to share their secrets.

Since being introduced to the public last week (after a hugely popular beta testing period), the game encouraging players to travel out into the real world to find Pokémon and compete against other players has gone mega-viral. SurveyMonkey found that within just a few days, the Pokémon GO app had already become the most popular mobile game in U.S. history.

The game drew about 21 million daily active users in the United States, topping the 20 million daily active users for Candy Crush at its peak popularity.

With an audience of millions of user trying their hand at Pokémon GO, including many who have never played the game before, players are looking for tips and hints to make the experience easier. And there are dozens of sites delivering and teaching players everything from where to find rare Pokémon to how they can get an instant boost in XP points.

One of those tips comes from Alphr, which explains how users can make one simple change to how they capture Pokémon to get an immediate level up.

“So I guess you thought capturing Pokémon was as simple as flicking your Pokéball into the air? Wrong. It turns out there’s a way of capturing Pokémon that gives you more XP points, and it’s called throwing a curveball. All you need to draw a few circles around the Pokéball before you throw it and it’ll spin in the air. When you catch a Pokémon after throwing a curveball, you’ll get around 10XP more, and although that’s not a lot – it does add up.”

Another big Pokémon GO tip comes from Polygon, which explains how users can skip the initial entry-level Pokémon the game offers and instead pick a longtime favorite; Pikachu. The site noted that they would be presented with three options to start, with Professor Willis telling them to choose a starting Pokémon and go to battle.

But they can ignore these three and walk away, causing them to respawn in front of them. With enough patience, the player can end up with Pikachu as an option, the report noted.

“This is a little tricky to work out, since the game’s camera keeps the trio on screen with you for most of the time, and its GPS still isn’t the most accurate. But if you manage to ignore Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur four times, they’ll come back with another friend in tow.”

Alphr had another great hint for Pokémon GO, telling players to ignore the tendency to pass up wild Pokémon that they’ve already caught. Fans who remember the Game Boy version of Pokémon might know (and new players might not) that you can swap duplicate Pokémon for some power-ups in the form of rare candies.

The site also offered a tip on how to more efficiently catch Pokémon.

“If you want to stop wasting Pokéballs, just hold down your Pokéball before swiping it towards the Pokémon. Usually the longer you press down, the smaller the green circle around the Pokémon will become. Swipe up when it’s at its smallest for the best chance of capturing a Pokémon.”

Many people have come looking for hints about where the can find rare Pokémon, and they’re in luck as well. There is a giant group effort in many areas to collect Pokémon GO stops and Pokémon locations and share them on Google Maps. And Polygon has a great hint on how users can save their phone’s battery life while out exploring and searching for Pokémon.

[Image via Pokémon GO]