July 13, 2016
WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Dropping WWE Championship to Seth Rollins on Raw Next Week

WWE is finally giving the WWE Universe exactly what they have been asking for ever since The Shield broke up. At WWE Battleground, there will be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship that will see Dean Ambrose defend the title against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It's a match WWE has been building for two years.

During this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, it was confirmed by WWE that Ambrose will defend the WWE title before Battleground. In fact, he'll defend it against Seth Rollins just six days before the PPV, and only one day before the WWE Draft that will determine which brand every WWE superstar will be headed to after Battleground is over.

Before Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins fight to settle who deserves to be the WWE Champion at Battleground. First, Ambrose and Rollins have to decide who will be walking into Battleground the WWE Champion. There is a lot of speculation about the match between Ambrose and Rollins next week on Monday Night Raw because many are expecting a title change six days early.

At Battleground, It'll Be Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Rollins
[Image via WWE.com]According to a rumor from Cage Side Seats, WWE officials are "all in" when it comes to promoting the WWE Draft and SmackDown's move to Tuesday nights starting next week. Next week's edition of Raw will be the last chance for WWE to give people another reason to watch the first edition of SmackDown live.

It was already rumored that Ambrose could drop the WWE title at Battleground to set up the rematch between Reigns & Rollins for Summerslam. What's being rumored now is WWE officials could try to generate last-minute interest in SmackDown and the WWE Draft by having Dean Ambrose drop the WWE Championship to Seth Rollins the night before the show and only six days before the triple threat match at Battleground.

On paper, it's not out of the question for WWE to pull a last-minute title change to generate more buzz less than twenty-four hours before one of the most important shows in recent WWE history. When SmackDown was moved to the USA Network earlier this year, WWE booked the US title feud between Alberto Del Rio to play hot potato with the title to try to generate interest.

The powers the be could easily sell Ambrose vs. Rollins as a great match, but then remind them that Roman Reigns will be back at WWE Battleground to make the situation even more must-see. It's a great money-making strategy if WWE decides to book the title change on Raw. The issue is WWE could also book a title change at Battleground, so it is impossible to predict who will walk out of Battleground the WWE Champion, which is a great thing.

Dean Ambrose Challenges Seth Rollins to a Match
[Image via WWE.com]No matter who walks out of Battleground the WWE Champion, it could be the last time we see all three members of The Shield in one ring together because the next night on Raw, the brand extension becomes official and the entire WWE roster will be split in two. As of this writing, we don't know who is going to Raw or SmackDown.

WWE has to make a decision because they could make Dean Ambrose look very strong over the next two weeks. If Ambrose defeats Rollins clean next week on Raw, then wins the triple threat match at Battleground, he's one-hundred percent solidified as the true WWE Champion. Suddenly, he goes to Raw or SmackDown as the top guy with a new roster full of challengers.

There is a lot of speculation about what Roman Reigns' push is going to be like when he returns from his suspension. Vince McMahon is reportedly very low on him right now, so it's questionable if he is going to walk out the WWE Champion next Sunday.

Rollins is the most likely guy to take the title from Dean Ambrose, which is why WWE booking Ambrose vs. Rollins on the last Raw before the WWE Draft is brilliant because it will tell the WWE Universe everything we need to know. WWE programming is in a unique spot. The powers that be just need to decide if they want to build Ambrose into a top star, or allow chaos to ensue.

[Image via WWE.com]