eBay Debuts New Logo. Says Big Changes Are On The Way

Welcome to web 2.0 eBay. The online marketplace on Thursday announced the launch of a new logo. The new piece features a simple font and the websites traditional color scheme.

According to eBay president Devin Wenig the company wanted to reinvent itself after 17 years in the online auction business and the logo was the first step. Wenig calls the logo “cleaner” and “more consistent” both aspects of the online auction site that management is trying to showcase.

The logo kept the traditional eBay colors according to Wenig because it showcases a “connected and diverse” community of buyers and sellers.

In the open letter pertaining to the logo change the company’s CEO continues:

“The eBay logo is known the world over, so changing it was not a decision made lightly. The time felt right. We’re incredibly proud of how eBay started and quickly grew into the world’s largest online marketplace. Auction-style listings, used goods, vintage items and quirky, one-of-a-kind finds are still a big part of what makes buying and selling on eBay special. We hope that’s always true. But we’ve evolved a lot in the past few years, and eBay is much more than auction-style listings today.”

The font chosen was created by New York designer Dianna McDougall and as you can see it features an open font face that is tightly squeezed together.

With a new logo in place eBay now plans to personalize the auction site for users while providing local and global feature sets.

In case you forgot what it looks like, here is the original eBay logo which is still showing on the company’s website:

eBay Logo

Do you like the new eBay logo more than the old mainstay?