July 13, 2016
WWE: 'Smackdown' Taping Opens The Door For Bayley To Finally Come To The Main Roster

With the WWE Draft set to take place next Tuesday night on the debut episode of Smackdown Live!, rumors have been running wild since the announcement of the brand extension on who might be called up from NXT to fill out the rosters. Former NXT Women's Champion Bayley has long been rumored to be one of those hitting the main roster at some point this year, but obviously the trigger hasn't yet been pulled on that move.

Bayley has watched for years as many of her fellow female competitors have been promoted to the WWE main roster. Her Four Horsewomen partners Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks have all gotten their shot on the main roster, even competing against one another in an epic triple threat match at WrestleMania 32 for the WWE Women's Championship, while Bayley patiently waits her turn.

WWE: 'Smackdown' Taping Opens The Door For Bayley To Finally Come To The Main Roster
[Image via WWE]It's not that Bayley hasn't earned her spot, but rather she may just be too valuable to the NXT brand to come up, much like the case of former NXT champion Finn Balor, who actually may be headed to the main roster soon if reports that his match with Shinsuke Nakamura may be his last are true. After superstars like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens left for the main roster, Balor became the face of NXT, but with the addition of Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Nakamura and a returning Hideo Itami, it's likely that Finn will debut in WWE sooner rather than later.

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***WARNING: Minor spoilers for Thursday night's Smackdown are ahead.

As for Bayley, a door for her to be called up was kicked wide open on Tuesday night at the Smackdown tapings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bayley's former on-screen nemesis Sasha Banks, who seems destined for a likely WWE Women's Championship match with Charlotte at SummerSlam, took on Dana Brooke (yet another woman from NXT who got to the main roster before Bayley) and following the match, "The Boss" was attacked by the champion.

WWE: 'Smackdown' Taping Opens The Door For Bayley To Finally Come To The Main Roster
[Image via WWE]Later in the evening, as reported by WrestleZone, as Sasha was being examined following the attack, Charlotte announced that she would be facing Banks at the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view, but in a tag team match. Charlotte will obviously be teaming with Dana Brooke while it's up to Sasha to find a partner for the match. This is obviously where Bayley could come into play. Her long history with Sasha Banks, including being the first two women to ever headline a WWE special, makes her the perfect candidate, wouldn't you think?

Now, maybe Bayley is too obvious of a choice, but the options are somewhat limited for Sasha Banks at this point. Becky Lynch and Natalya are wrapped up in their own feud, so it stands to reason that the only other option currently on the main roster would be Paige. Nia Jax certainly isn't ready for the main roster yet, and Asuka seems to be in the process of replacing Bayley as the face of the women's division in NXT. However, a current tweet from Bayley has some people speculating that her time in NXT may not be over just yet.

Perhaps Bayley is in line for another run with the NXT Women's Championship, but could it possibly be a little misdirection? What do you think? Will Bayley be Sasha Banks' mystery partner at Battleground?

[Image via WWE]