Stunning Photo Of UFO Over Uttar Pradesh In India Goes Viral, Prompts Government Inquiry

A photo showing a massive disc-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over Manpur Nagaria, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India, has taken the internet — particularly social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook — by storm this week. The photo image is stunning in its depiction of what appears to be an enormous craft of some kind among the clouds and hovering over the village. Moreover, since said photo caused such a public stir, Kasganj District government officials launched an investigation into the potential UFO sighting.

Daily Bhaskar reported July 9 that the UFO photo was first posted Wednesday (July 6) to the instant messaging application WhatsApp. Initial reports indicated that locals had spotted the UFO after a rainstorm and photos were taken of the massive looming object. The image soon went viral on the app, then again went viral on Twitter and Facebook. With the scrutiny so intense, the photo was passed along to local district authorities and they, in turn, launched a probe into the validity of the object and sent the image to the Met department (India’s meteorological department) for further investigation.

Unfortunately for investigators, according to local reports, the poster of the photo has become difficult to locate. Since posting the UFO photo, the poster has turned off their cell phone and, oddly enough, disappeared.

Be that as it may, it should be noted that authorities need look no further than, which offered up coverage of the viral UFO photo as well. noticed that the Kasganj District UFO bore a striking resemblance to photos taken of a “flying saucer” UFO last year that was supposedly seen hovering over a market in Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur District), which is also in Uttar Pradesh. Although the photos and the UFO sighting was investigated, the district administrators were reportedly convinced that the images were part of a hoax.

Given the resemblance of the UFOs in the photos, the administrators may have been correct in their collective conclusion. Either that, or, if enthusiasts are correct, the object had returned.

For those positing that the object might be some kind of cloud formation, somewhat like a lone example of the set of massive UFO clouds that hovered over South Africa last year, it should be noted that the Kasganj District UFO has none of that sort of indistinct fluffiness one associates with clouds. In short, the image is defined, thus lending itself to the perception of being an artificial construct suspended in the atmosphere.

Although videos and photos of UFOs have become quite commonplace and have found a home on the internet, all too often the images captured are of poor quality or are of distorted everyday objects or animals (such as balloons and birds). These images are also often the subject of considerable debate. At the same time, there are a fraction of the images that are posted by entities wishing to, for reasons ranging from simple practical joking amusement to gaining fame or notoriety, perpetrate a hoax on viewers.

Needless to say, it is the hoaxers — at least those that insist on attempting to pass off UFO videos and photos as authentic — that present the most pressing problem for the serious UFO researcher and/or investigator. Hoaxes, because of their inherent falseness (regardless of the intent of the purveyor or disseminator), tend to undermine the overall credibility of those who see UFOs as a subject that bears studying. And when the subject of study is one that is often relegated to the fringe disciplines of the paranormal and pseudoscience, credibility in framing evidence for scrutiny — no matter what the unidentified flying object might actually be — is a necessity.

[Image via Shutterstock]